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Upendo DNN User Manager v1.1.1 Tips the Scales for Larger Sites!

Written By Will Strohl

Immediately upon releasing this module, it seems that some of you have already been pushing it's limits. We didn't expect that quite so quickly, so we needed to rush this release out the door. This release helps you support websites with larger numbers of end-users. This makes sense, too. Why would you need such a module, if you didn't have so many user accounts to manage. Well, we listened!  

Upendo DNN User Management Module

This module allows you to delegate the user management responsibilities to other people on the website, and outside of the Administrators role. That's right, without a module like this, someone must be allowed to edit nearly everything on the site, just to manage users for you.  

Release Notes: 01.01.01 🔮 

And here... we... go! 🤡 

Updated to Scale for Tens of Thousands of User Accounts

We we released this, we didn't think you would be so excited to throw it into larger production sites right away, so this update was something we were putting off. Well, apparently, we underestimated your confidence in us. So, we updated this right away. 

Removed the Last Pesky Upendo Logo 🖼️

I swear, I didn't expect to see the Upendo Ventures logo all over the front-end UI of this module. One of the developers on our team did that, and it was kind of flattering. I removed most of them, but kept missing one. As of today, the last logo is gone.  

If you were waiting for that update, this release is for you! 😎 

Video Summary 📸

Unfortunately, these updates don't really merit a new video this time. However, if you wish to see a specific DNN video that we can make, don't hesitate to ask!  

Downloads & Links 💾

In Closing 🙏🏽

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Nice :-)
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