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March 2022 SoFri: Members Directory & View Profile Modules with Heilene Martin

Written By Moore Creative


Heilene Martin (Members Directory & View Profile Modules)


In this Southern Fried DNN User Group Meeting:

Speaker: Heilene Martin
Topic: Members Directory & View Profile Modules

The Members Directory and View Profiles modules are included in DNN by default. These modules display user information lists and profile details. In this presentation, Heilene will give an overview of how they have used these modules in their organization, how to customize the layout using Bootstrap, and how to use values from the User Profiles fields.


Community Topics and Updates

  • They discuss the need for more presenters and welcome contributions from anyone interested in sharing DNN-related content.
  • Several community projects are mentioned, including:
    • DNN Elements: A collection of web components for the DNN platform, with various features and functionalities. It's being used in other projects as well.
    • Structure Content: An ongoing project with a focus on updating dependencies and improving the user interface.
    • DNN Docs: Currently paused but with plans to update the documentation site's structure and add content.
    • DNN User Voice: A module in development to facilitate discussions and feedback on DNN-related ideas.
    • DNN Community Forms Module: John Henley contributes to address issues related to time zones and localization.
    • Links Module: Will Strohl submits a pull request to resolve an exception caused by reflections.
  • The resource manager project is briefly mentioned as making progress.


Heilene Martin's Presentation - Members Directory & View Profile Modules

"Let's discuss the Members Directory and View Profile modules. These modules come included with DNN by default, so when you perform a fresh installation of DNN, you'll find them ready to use out of the box. Their primary function is to display site member information.

Anyone who registers on the website, whether through a registration form or manually added, can have their information displayed using these modules. You also have the flexibility to showcase member information in a filtered list, and I'll demonstrate how to do that shortly. Additionally, there's a built-in search feature that makes it easy to find specific members.

Now, when it comes to templates, they use HTML markup. Here's where I've delved a bit into Knockout.js. The Members Directory utilizes Knockout.js to databind information from user profile fields. On the other hand, the View Profile module template relies on tokens.

Let me share how we've put the Members Directory to use here at Streamliners. Our company has over 100 employees, so we've organized our teams into various groups, including organizational teams, cross-functional groups, and regional teams, further divided into three areas. With such a structure, we needed an efficient way to display team members, taking into account that individuals might belong to multiple teams.

By default, the Members Directory has a specific layout and appearance. However, we're in the process of transitioning to a new, cleaner design. I'll also show you how to update the template for the View Profile module to make it more user-friendly."


Recommendations and Presentation Notes:

  • [Modules Introduction] An introduction to the Members Directory and View Profile modules, which come pre-installed with DNN.
  • [Modules Features] Explanation of how these modules can display site member information and create filtered lists.
  • 📊 The members directory has an easy search feature for finding people.
  • 🖥️ Templates in the members directory use HTML markup.
  • 🧑‍💼 The directory uses Knockout.js for data binding from user profile fields.
  • 🔍 You can organize teams with over 100 people into organizational teams, cross-functional groups, and regional teams.
  • 📈 The template can be customized to display team members with different background colors based on profile fields.
  • 📷 You can display user photos, job titles, phone numbers, and email addresses.
  • 🎨 The design can be further customized.
  • 📄 You can create a custom view profile page.
  • 🗂️ The profile view page uses tokens for displaying user information.
  • 💡 The speaker discussed creating a new profile view page.
  • 📷 They showed how to customize the profile page layout with a photo on the left and user information on the right.
  • 🔄 They demonstrated how to switch between default and customized profile views.
  • 📚 The speaker talked about the challenge of replacing the default avatar image for users without photos.
  • ⚙️ They explained using CSS to target and replace the image source.
  • 👥 The speaker showed how to filter and display users by different criteria such as job title and club membership.
  • 🏉 They mentioned filtering users based on sports clubs like tennis and rugby.
  • 🔊 The presentation included using knockout in HTML for dynamic content.


Watch the Southern Fried DNN User Group March 2022 Meeting:


About the SouthernFried DNN User Group

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