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May 2023 SoFri: Transitioning to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Written By Moore Creative


David Poindexter (Google G4 Transition)


In this Southern Fried DNN User Group Meeting:

Speaker: David Poindexter
Topic: Transitioning from Google Analytics UA to Google G4

In this recorded session from May 18th, 2023, David Poindexter of nVisionative discusses transitioning to Google Analytics 4 from Universal Analytics and provides updates and announcements related to the DNN (DotNetNuke) community, including the upcoming DNN Connect 2023 event in Switzerland.


Presentation Notes and Details

  • David mentions technical difficulties with their internet connection in Greece and the need to record the session without a live audience.
  • DNN Connect 2023 is scheduled for May 25th through the 28th in Shoppers, Switzerland, and he expresses excitement about attending the event in person.
  • David highlights the social and networking aspects of DNN Connect, emphasizing the opportunity to connect with others on a different level.
  • DNN 9.11.2 was released a couple of months ago, featuring various improvements, and he encourages checking it out.
  • There is a mention of the Appendo DNN Page Manager module, which is open source and available on GitHub.
  • The DNN Elements project, a collection of web components, had faced challenges, but Daniel Vilatus resolved them, making it fully functional, including the Monaco editor component.
  • David provides an overview of Google's announcement to sunset Universal Analytics on July 1st, 2023, urging users to transition to Google Analytics 4.
  • Google offers automation to help users set up Google Analytics 4 properties, but manual configuration may be necessary for some advanced setups.
  • Users are shown various screens and options for linking Universal Analytics properties to Google Analytics 4 for a smoother transition.
  • David shares that the transition is generally straightforward, but advanced configurations may require manual adjustments.
  • 🏢 Setting up Google Analytics 4 Property:
    • The setup assistant helps create a new property.
    • Access analytics at analytics.google.com, select the account and property.
    • Data Streams area is essential for configuration.
  • 📊 Configuring Data Stream:
    • Add a data stream, e.g., web for the website.
    • Choose what to measure (usually defaults work).
    • Each stream has a measurement ID (G-ID).
  • 🧩 Connecting Google Tag Manager:
    • Use Google Tag Manager for simplified tracking.
    • Set up a tag for Google Analytics 4.
    • Input the measurement ID.
    • Configure when it triggers (e.g., all pages).
  • 🚀 Publishing Google Tag Manager:
    • After configuring, submit and publish in Google Tag Manager.
    • The script is automatically injected into your site.
    • Ensure the "check" is enabled for tracking.
  • 📈 Verifying Analytics:
    • Monitor real-time data in Google Analytics.
    • Check if page views and user engagement show up.
    • Validate that the configuration is correct.
  • 🛠 Optional Manual Method
    • You can manually inject the script into your site.
    • Adjust the script's position to the top of the head element.
    • Typically, the manual method is not necessary when using Google Tag Manager.
  • 💡 Use Google Tag Manager for analytics and tag management.
  • 🛠️ Configure Google Tag Manager in DNN (DotNetNuke).
  • ❌ Uncheck the "track for administrators" option to avoid self-tracking.
  • 🐛 Note that the checkbox may have a UI bug.
  • ✅ Verify that the script is removed while logged in.
  • 🔄 Refresh the page to ensure the script is added when logged out.
  • 👍 GA4 (Google Analytics 4) has useful features despite lacking historical data.

Watch the Southern Fried DNN User Group May 2023 Meeting:


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