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Present in your Pajamas!

Written By Don Gingold

Presenting a DNN topic in your PJs is just one of the many advantages of a virtual conference. As you know, DNN Summit 2021 will be held online this time around. No traveling to a hotel or conference center.

While the conference itself is virtual, the speakers need to be real! The Call for Speakers is open now – and closes November 16. Have you submitted a session yet? Get on that! Here are some thoughts.

I’m a big fan of sharing knowledge - it’s the main premise of Open Source - and I know that many people reading the community blog are looking for answers. Well, you likely have some DNN knowledge that you can share with the rest of us, but you never considered giving a talk on it. Here’s your chance.

The DNN Summit is an opportunity for the community to get together, learn from each other, and be updated on what is happening. Attendees range from newcomers to the platform, integrators of the DNN tools, code creators and administrators of DNN websites. That means session topics can range over a wide variety of subjects.

If you’re a seasoned DNNer who always reads the blog, here’s a reason why you should submit a topic: you’ll be in front of more, different people. Since we’re virtual, we can get folks from all around the world to attend, and you can share your knowledge to a much larger group than ever before.

Some folks may want to learn how to create DNN websites – or how to make them better. Others may have inherited a DNN site and need to learn how to use it. Often folks need help with upgrading an older website. Still others are unsure if using DNN is the right solution for their needs. And of course an introduction to anything new to the DNN community is always of interest.

And the sessions are not just technical talks on DNN. We’re all business people who want to improve our skills in other areas as well. Marketing and professional development topics have also been popular with the DNN technical types.

I’ve presented topics on how to use certain modules, how to run a DNN website development business, social media and DNN, and this year I’m submitting a session on how I built a subscriber website for obscure terms in mystery novels using little to no code. I haven’t finished building it yet. I presented part 1 at the recent DNN Global virtual weekend. It’s a how-i-did-it type of session and it interested all types of folks. You can do the same with one of your projects. 

The virtual DNN Summit conference will be held February 24 and 25, 2021 on the Hopin.to platform. 32 sessions of 60 minutes each will be presented over the two days. Do you have a terrific topic that you’d like to share? We want to hear about it! Get all the details about how to submit your session idea for consideration on our Sessionize page

And don’t wait too long – the deadline to submit is Monday, November16. We're all looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Photo credit: Positively Osceola

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