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DNN CMS Awareness Group Meeting: December 2020

Written By Will Strohl

We held our monthly Awareness DNN Ecosystem Advisory Group meeting today. In this month's meeting, we begin brainstorming on ideas about how our group can better serve the DNN CMS community by transitioning to more of a marketing arm for the open-source community and ecosystem.

What is the DNN Awareness Group

DNN Awareness Ecosystem Advisory GroupOur group is charged with generating increased awareness of what DNN is and what it can do across all ecosystems.  We currently have many areas of focus, including social media, user groups, and much more.  We’re always looking for more great community members to join our team, so please leave a comment if you’re interested.

December 2020 Meeting

In this meeting, we catch up a bit with each other and then brainstorm on ways we can better function as a marketing arm for DNN. 

I'd like to thank the group members that were able to attend this month’s meeting:

Additional Resources

Here are some of the resources we discussed during the meeting:

  • (please click on the links in the presentation above)

Please let us know what you think about our progress in the comments below.  What can we do better?  Be honest.

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Thanks for posting this and for leading the charge to help transition this group to be more marketing focused. Great stuff!
Thursday, December 3, 2020 ·

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