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DNN 9.8.0 Preview, Live Testing & Commentary

Written By Moore Creative

Community Buzz October 2020

Well, we're all still pushing forward to make DNN and our DNN Community better even through the parade of hits that we keep getting each month in 2020!

Become an Investor for Plant-An-App - We talked at the beginning of the meeting over a few announcements and items within the community and that began with a small presentation from Bogdan of DNNSharp and Plant-An-App! Bogdan talked about the path DNNSharp has travelled over the past 14 years to now release Plant An App as a Low-Code solution and now to extend the opportunity to the DNN Community to help invest in their future. 

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Tonight's Main Topic - DNN 9.8.0 Release Candidate

In tonight's meeting, we are doing Release Candidate Testing and are talking about how to participate in the DNN community by helping test releases of DNN as they are being tested before release. In a recent article, Mitch Sellers talked a bit about all of our roles and opportunities within Open Source activities to help make DNN stronger! "Understanding Open-Source: Your Role"  https://dnncommunity.org/blogs/Post/7274/Understanding-Open-Source-Your-Role

DNN version 9.8.0 Release Candidate Testing!



A grand total of 84 pull requests by 14 contributors were processed for this release! This was a large effort by a range of contributors. We are excited to see what's new here, but the main elements covered in the video were:

  • Telerik dependency is being lessened within this release
  • Backstory and history of Telerik and why/how we're moving forward - an article by Mitch Sellers, "Emerging From the Past: Moving Beyond Telerik" https://dnncommunity.org/blogs/Post/7275/Emerging-From-the-Past-Moving-Beyond-Telerik
  • Testing to confirm whether Telerik might be relied on by other modules or DLLs within the instance... DNN Telerik Identifyier   https://github.com/IowaComputerGurus/DnnTelerikIdentifier  
  • Instructions and notes on how to manually remove Telerik 
  • David talks briefly about how to use nvQuickSite to help quicklyl set up a fresh DNN instance for local development testing and to quickly and easily download release candidates for testing - https://www.nvquicksite.com/
  • the NEW RESOURCE MANAGER - is installed but not by default put onto a page or fully installed... under extensions, go to the Availalbe Extensions and click to install it within the instance.
  • Gifford Watkins asked a good question about recording testing issues, he asked whether video recordings were recommended and we talked about a good in-browser video recording and sharing tool, LOOM. It is a chrome browser plugin which can make recoring and sharing videos of website testing and demonstration easy!  https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/loom-for-chrome/liecbddmkiiihnedobmlmillhodjkdmb bonus elements that are part of DNN 9.8.0 that are too exciting to forget to mention!
  • Robots.txt editor!!! great new addition
  • Future addition for an SMTP Mailer as a Provider  


Watch the full meeting video for October's Southern Fried DNN Meeting

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