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Best hosting for DNN?

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Growing Member

    After being a victim of the managed.com fiasco, I am looking for a new home to host some DNN sites.  Any recommendations?

    The poor communication from managed.com during this mess is the reason I no longer want to give them my business.  I would like to  think that they are probably stronger, wiser and more secure having been hacked like they have.  The thing is, their management/response team have not communicated to the clients, or given any timeframe, or indication of restoration of services.  That's just not good enough.

    ...so I'm shopping around now.


    New Around Here

      Yeah - me too. I completely agree with you.  (I do wonder if mamaged got hit via all those old DNN sites unpatched after last Junes security warning.)
      I am in the UK and have found Winserve.com.  A bit cheaper - fast support response - really nice control panel.

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      New Around Here

        My client also host on managed.com, and due what happen the site being down for 2 days before we decide move to another hosting server.
        It doesn't matter which hosting server, be sure it support night backup outside the server.

        I think they have solve the problem one week after and turn back On all the server.
        Its pretty fast, seeing the fact that its a Ransomware attack.
        awesome dnn

        Growing Member

          I am a firm believer in the usage of Azure, it isn't going to appease the $15/month people, but the abilities for security, backups and recovery are fantastic. (I could be biased as my company IowaComputerGurus, Inc. is a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider.)

          We have helped to move close to 100 sites to Azure in the past 2 weeks.

          The use of a CSP, such as our offering, helps to bridge the gap between technical knowledge to do Azure and support.
          Mitchel Sellers
          Technology Advisory Group Leader
          CEO @ IowaComputerGurus, Inc. a DNN & .NET Solutions Provider
          Technical Blog: MitchelSellers.com

          Growing Member

            Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I've moved my site to Azure temporarily, and the speed has been fantastic! I've never seen DNN so responsive before. I guess shared hosting really has it's downsides...

            Nevertheless, I still need to find another solution, as Azure is only temporary. My managed.com site is still down and their tech support and management are still saying that they need time to rebuild it. Funny thing is, their sales side of the business is still running. I'm sure if I purchased another site, and then gave them my backup, they could get it going pretty quick. I even suggested as much to them. Still, they are saying they need time to rebuild the hosting environment that my sites were on.

            Veteran Member

              If you want a new setup with managed.com you can. US can be done the same (working?) day. UK might take a day or 2. NL Datacenter is still under investigation and not reopened for business.

              If you want something quick: US. If you want something EU, there is UK. And then hope that another EU location will open up before UK leaves EU :-) 

              Tjep's digital agencyRegards,
              Tycho de Waard

              Tjep's digital agency
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              Growing Member

                Thanks Tycho. The sites that were affected were on the Australian site, and it's still not back yet.

                New Around Here

                  Any updated thoughts on this topic? We're self-hosting, but lack staffing to manage DNN software updates and general security concerns. MS Azure looks like the way to go, but are there any standout vendors offering to host and support sites in Azure--either in the customer's MS tenant or their own?
                  I'd sincerely appreciate any insights.

                  Veteran Member

                    We manage nearly all of our clients on Azure at this point.  However, most of these folks also have current/prior software projects with us.  if you're only looking for a hosting partner, we continue to trust Applied Innovations for Azure management. I've been recommending and using them for decades at this point, and have never been disappointed.

                    New Around Here

                      Thanks Will. I appreciate the referral and will look into Applied Innovations. (I also contacted your company and a few others from the DNN Agencies page last week, as we'd prefer a more comprehensive solution if one can be found.)

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