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5 Replies and 1930 Views Start creating DNN Themes / Skin / Containers    1930  5 Started by  Timo Breumelhof Host (SU) You can find the Themes documentation here: https://dnndocs.com/content/tutoria...index.html You can find a list of existing OS example skins here: https://dnncommunity.org/Forge
5 1930
by  Michael TobischJump to last post
25 Jan 2021 08:04 AM
2 Replies and 88 Views DDR Menu Keep Level 2 Persistent  88  2 Started by  JPhil I cannot wrap my head around the DDR menu levels. Please help. My site structure is this: Level 1 - Home - Level 2 - Sublevel Pages - - Level 3 - Item 1/ Item2/ Item3 /etc. I have three levels. I would like a menu on the left side of my page that only shows the children of Level 2. "CurrentChildren" works if I&39;m on a Level 2 page but doesn&39;t show anything on Level 3 (Because there are no children). How do I keep the menu to only show the Level 3 pages when both on L...
2 88
by  Tycho de Waard (SU)Jump to last post
18 Oct 2021 03:49 AM
3 Replies and 203 Views Register in Utility Nav  203  3 Started by  Heidi S I would like to change the word "Register" in the utility navigation to something else. Does anyone know where to do that I see reference to DNN:Login in portal.css, but am not sure where to change the actual wording. Thank you.
3 203
by  MaxBrownJump to last post
07 Oct 2021 06:39 AM
2 Replies and 138 Views mobile navigation  138  2 Started by  Tracey I don&39;t know how to remove the mobile navigation on my site.  It&39;s located in the top right hand corner (3 lines).  When you click on it, it toggles to an X.   I only want the mobile navigation to be displayed when logged into the site.   This functionality currently works on any viewport with min-width:768px  
2 138
by  Timo Breumelhof (40FINGERS)Jump to last post
07 Oct 2021 03:26 AM
2 Replies and 125 Views 404 error page  125  2 Started by  Willem we have the 404 error page set in DNN Site Settings. It works for /nopageavailable.aspx but it doesn&39;t work for It works for /nopageavailable (without .aspx) It does a redirect to the 404 page but it doesn&39;t show the theme correct... it only show tekst and not the theme/design/css... Please help
2 125
by  James ClarksonJump to last post
28 Sep 2021 07:39 AM
2 Replies and 167 Views Change Ordering Of Templates  167  2 Started by  mmingle I can&39;t figure out how this is being ordered. No matter what I do I can&39;t seem to change it. Does anyone know how to change the ordering
2 167
by  mmingleJump to last post
22 Sep 2021 03:56 PM
2 Replies and 154 Views Cookie Consent won't show unless a module has a DNN:Label Tag  154  2 Started by  Tig7r What should a modify on my SKIN file to enable the Cookie Consent pop-up to show I discovered that it will only pop-up if I add the following code to a module that is on the page: <dnn:label ID="Label1" runat="server" Text="" CssClass="placeholder_label" />        
2 154
by  Tig7rJump to last post
22 Sep 2021 09:24 AM
3 Replies and 293 Views Dynamic Content Builder  293  3 Started by  Willem We need a dynamic content builder for a marketing customer.  The customer wants to configure/create landingpages easy and simple. No coding just click and configure. We prefere a module that we can install and use our own custom themes. For now we selected 3 solutions: Easy DNN Block builder; DNNGo Minis; Vanjaro. Who tried one of these solutions and can give us some advise/reviews  
3 293
by  Tycho de Waard (SU)Jump to last post
21 Sep 2021 08:02 AM
0 Replies and 169 Views Recommendations for Theme dev environment  169  0 Started by  David Fenske Hi DNN friends! I&39;d like to start a discussion around creating DNN themes in a modern front-end dev environment, and see what recommendations you all have.  A few years ago, I attended the DNN Summit and was introduced to nvQuickTheme, and along with it, a whole lot of setup of a theme development environment. Not having much JS dev background, I was a bit bewildered by node, npm, gulp, yarn, etc. All of my DNN theme work thus far had simply been in modifying the ascx layout files...
0 169
02 Sep 2021 12:20 PM
11 Replies and 924 Views DNN Theming  924  11 Started by  Craig Mitchell
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
Like many users over the years, I have stuck with DNN for my love of the community, security, and ease of use. Being more an administrator has saved hrs of time and effort like many other cms.  One thing I do struggle with is the look, and with sites such as wicks. Other ease of design features and has much as and has the capability it is something that I feel is still lacking on ease of use.   One addon I have seen in the store and believe functionality would bring a lot of ...
11 924
by  Tycho de Waard (SU)Jump to last post
09 Aug 2021 05:44 AM
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