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2 Replies and 1019 Views Use different bootstrap version inside module     1019 2 Started by orphicpixel I am currently using a theme that uses Bootstrap v3.3.4, now I want to use the latest bootstrap inside a certain module. How can I do that  
2 1019
by Timo Breumelhof (40F)Jump to last post
3/13/2023 4:37 AM
12 Replies and 2228 Views Left menu icon bar     2228 12 Started by Sandro De Matteis
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
Dnn Site menu, not the wizard menu or persona bar or other menu http://next.websitescreative.com/Portals/0/WSCMediaGallery/internal/Image/int-084cef39-3143-49eb-a8d2-303cb46ddbea.png Thanks, Sandro  
12 2228
by Will StrohlJump to last post
2/17/2023 4:26 PM
5 Replies and 956 Views Countdown Timers     956 5 Started by Allen Hall I need to format Mandeep&39;s Porto countdown timer to be much smaller when displaying on a mobile device. Something as simple as “dd:hh:mm:ss” as opposed to the individual elements being reorganized and strung down the page. Thanks
5 956
by Tycho de Waard (SU)Jump to last post
2/13/2023 3:29 AM
10 Replies and 3938 Views Editor removes classes     3938 10 Started by Davide Martini
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
Hi, I&39;m having a strange behavior on DNN 9.04.01. I copy and paste my HTML code (very simple code) but after saving, all css classes are removed. For example: ul class="bxslider".... becomes  ul .... without my class. So it looses every behavior assigned to the class (in this case images slider). What I&39;ve to do Thanks
10 3938
by 3ART Technologies CompanyJump to last post
1/13/2023 5:38 AM
6 Replies and 2062 Views Custom Fonts     2062 6 Started by Gino Palmia I entered the following statement on my homepage skinn: <dnn:DnnCssInclude ID="FontCSS" runat="server" FilePath="Font/Quicksand/static/Quicksand-Regular.ttf" PathNameAlias="SkinPath" /> Then, on the css sheet of the skinn I called the font family like this  html, body, form { font-family: Quicksand, sans-serif;} But it doesn&39;t work properly .... Any suggestions DNN Platform Version = 9.1.1
6 2062
by Michael TobischJump to last post
12/13/2022 8:11 AM
1 Replies and 709 Views Export Import Page Templete between portals DNN9     709 1 Started by Bryan I have two portals on the same instance of DNN 09.02.02(178) and would like to create pages templates in one and then use these in the other to create new pages.  I have created the templates in Portal 1. I then copy the &39;XXX.page.template&39; file from portal 1 (F:\inetpub\wwwroot\XXX\Portals\1\Templates) over to portal 2 (F:\inetpub\wwwroot\XXX\Portals\2\Templates). In portal 2 I now attempt to create a new page but the template is not showing in the template dropdown. Ot...
1 709
by Michael TobischJump to last post
11/30/2022 2:04 AM
3 Replies and 821 Views Looking to hire dev to make custom theme     821 3 Started by Gothic Wizard Hello all, I am looking for a theme/skin dev to make me a custom cyberpunk styled theme for my new site. Nothing too crazy but I have a few specific requests of what I want and none of the commercial themes seem to fit the bill that I have found. If you have expereince in this and interested please get in touch here with contact info so we can talk details and I can get a quote from you. Thank you.
3 821
by Will StrohlJump to last post
11/18/2022 2:19 PM
5 Replies and 1002 Views Editbar issue     1002 5 Started by Luigib In order to theming a site for an italian public school, i need to use a customized version of bootstrap ( boostrap-italia ), Its a mandatory  library for this kind of sites (some government rule).  In my ascx page, i included (with DnnCssInclude DnnJsInclude) the relative bootstrap-italia files. I noticed that when im in admin mode, i don&39;t see the dotted box of the panes and if i click in Editbar the button Add Module or Add Existing module, nothing happens; I dont know how to...
5 1002
by LuigibJump to last post
11/11/2022 9:50 AM
8 Replies and 6789 Views DDR menu configuration     6789 8 Started by Catherine Foss I am setting up a DDR menu in 9.2 and I am only able to display either the entire menu (all visible pages) or the children of the current page. I have used Node selection expression = "RootChildren" or "CurrentChildren" but all other expressions I have tried do not work. I am trying to display all pages that are on the same level as the current page, so display all children of the current page&39;s parent only. 
8 6789
by John AJump to last post
11/9/2022 10:54 AM
5 Replies and 1207 Views DNN module rendering twice     1207 5 Started by Marco Alvarado Hi community, I&39;ve a developer working on a custom DNN module for a client and he&39;s telling me that when implementing the module in a page using the skin selected by the client (Glend) the website renders the module twice (like if you add the module two times within the same page) but if we implement the module in a page in the same website with the default DNN skin it doesn&39;t render twice, it works like a charm. My question to you guys, have somebidy seen this type of behavior...
5 1207
by Will StrohlJump to last post
10/20/2022 8:21 PM
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