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Countdown Timers

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    I need to format Mandeep's Porto countdown timer to be much smaller when displaying on a mobile device. Something as simple as “dd:hh:mm:ss” as opposed to the individual elements being reorganized and strung down the page.


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      Hello Allen:

      This is a good question.  Ironically, I was just working with Porto for a while today.  Great theme, right?  :)  

      Anyhow, it sounds like you're talking about the countdown timer shortcode.  I don't think there's a built-in way to do this with the shortcode alone, but there might be some additional help you can get from Mandeeps' support.  You can't be the first person wanting to do this.  

      With that being said, you might find yourself needing to do this another way.  If you're using any structured content module (e.g., OpenContent, 2sxc, etc.), the following articles can help you build this out pretty easily.  

      New Around Here

        Thanks Will:

        I've purchased my second license for Porto if that tells you anything, but there is some function that lacks polish and when questioned about some of them, Mandeep never replied. So that's why I posted here.

        Right now, I'm, testing DNNSmart's SuperCountdown, but "right out of the box" it has a Responsive issue where the counter scales down, but not up.

        For the purposes planned a dedicated countdown module with a UI would be a better option as opposed to having to “roll one”, but SuperCountdown is the only one I find in the DNN store, I figured there would be dozens of them ☹

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          I'm guessing the reason you don't see dozens of timer modules is probably because it's way too easy for a developer to recreate it using a structured content module.  For someone that knows how to use a structured content module already, the timer could be built in minutes.  🤷🏽‍♂️ 

          New Around Here

            Then I quess I don't undertstand what is meant by "structured content module". I have been structuring content via HTML, code, and other token based modules using content from databases for many years, but I have found nothing in my reasearch that makes me think its is applicable here. Could you be more specific?

            Also, I need a UI that a relative layman can use to adjust the counter. 

            And it gets worse... the one module sold in the DNN Store from DMMSmart is broke. Just got this email from their support... "We tried it at our demo site and found that the size cannot be restored. We can only restore it by refreshing the browser. This is the problem with this plug-in. We may not be able to modify this plug-in."

            Wow! So maybe its not that easy if someone selling a module for this spefic purpose can't make it work. :-)




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              Typically structured content is used when you want editors to provide the ability to change content and not able to mess with the underlying code. In case of a counter, you want editors to fill in when date 0 is :-) 

              In the example Will gave (https://2sxc.org/en/ or https://opencontent.readme.io/ ) you would put the HTML of https://porto.mandeeps.co...hortcodes-3/counters in the template and replace the parts that are done by editors by 2sxc or opencontent tokens. If you want to adjust the look for mobile, you adjust the css using media queries.

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