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1 Replies and 100 Views Multlilingual issues  100  1 Started by  Alok Agarwal Hello, In our website we have over 1000 pages, we want to localization for few pages only, not all pages need to be translated. We do not want to duplicate all the pages as normally DNN suggests. We want to be able to view the site completely in another language as well. We saw DNN has feature of making page neutral which should allow the page to be viewable in other language. But we noticed for the pages which we leave neutral, langauge selector changes back to english, which means it cannot...
1 100
by  Timo Breumelhof (40FINGERS)Jump to last post
19 Jan 2022 04:34 AM
3 Replies and 515 Views Localization of Html Module  515  3 Started by  Alok Hello, In our web site, we have used html module at couple of places directly. I need to know what strategy we should followi to make the HTML modules translations for our web site. We are working to enable lanaguages in our website. For Html module we could not find any solution. Please suggest.  We are using DNN 9.3.2 at the moment. Regards, Alok
3 515
by  Sebastian LeupoldJump to last post
23 Dec 2021 07:15 AM
3 Replies and 208 Views Adding a Core Language Pack  208  3 Started by  Simon Thompson I have a new site I am building for a French organisation (non-commercial). I have installed 9.10.2. I would like to have the internals in French as this will help understanding. I have found a FR-fr language pack in GitHub labelled version 9.9.1. Will this mismatch of version numbers be a problem.  
3 208
by  Simon ThompsonJump to last post
13 Dec 2021 11:01 AM
1 Replies and 412 Views Localisation - Checkboxes for Translated and Published  412  1 Started by  Johnhols On the Localisation page, when you have mulitple languages and a page which has many modules, to locate the correct Translated and Published checkboxes for a language, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to access the horizontal scroll bar, scroll a bit, scroll back to the top of the page to make sure you have the correct language and then back down to the location of the checkboxes. Would it be possible to include the Flag/Language code next to the Translated and Publish...
1 412
by  Timo Breumelhof (40FINGERS)Jump to last post
20 Aug 2021 10:33 AM
5 Replies and 417 Views Lost subpages after renaming parent  417  5 Started by  Johnhols I&39;ve been created localised version of a number of pages which were all under a parent page on the menu. I then had to change the tabname of the parent, so i localised the parent and changed the page name, but now my sub pages are no longer visible in the menu and when i under &39;Pages&39; the branch is empty. The pages are still listed correctly in the default language and if i query the database the localised tab pages are still there.  I guess that its broken the parent link...
5 417
by  Timo Breumelhof (40FINGERS)Jump to last post
20 Aug 2021 10:08 AM
13 Replies and 1225 Views Site-Logo links to default language  1225  13 Started by  Navilois
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
Hello, I&39;m running Multi-Language DNN sites for many years and ran into a problem that doesn&39;t make any sense to me. The site already has 4 active languages that work just fine. I added a new language and set everything up as usual, except with this language, the Site-Logo links to the default language - menu links are fine. It&39;s a DNN 9.8.1 site and I already checked: Permissions Default pages TabUrls Site aliases Pages marked as translated and published Reset...
13 1225
by  Sebastian LeupoldJump to last post
01 Jul 2021 08:51 AM
2 Replies and 563 Views I have translated the language to Chinese  563  2 Started by  Ayong I have translated the language of DNN (9.0.0) to Chinese. I want to upload the language pack to the website https://www.dnnsoftware.com/community/download/language-packs. What should I do
2 563
by  AyongJump to last post
12 May 2021 10:25 AM
2 Replies and 772 Views Language Cookie  772  2 Started by  Timo Breumelhof (40FINGERS) I noticed that the language cookie is a session cookie. Wouldn&39;t it be more logical is it would be a "permanent" cookie I&39;m using an EN browser and when I visit an ML DNN site, it never reminds my language choice. Every time I re-visit the site I&39;m directed to the EN pages, which becomes quite annoying on the long run TBH. Or am I missing a use case
2 772
by  Timo Breumelhof (40FINGERS)Jump to last post
02 Apr 2021 06:25 AM
2 Replies and 691 Views Deleting translating pages mess  691  2 Started by  Tycho de Waard (SU) I have pages and sub pages in Dutch, translated in several other languages. It gets messy when you delete a page. If you do so, the pages in the other languages including their subpages are deleted as well. And this is not just when you delete the page from the primary language, also when you delete a page from another language. When you discover this and take the deleted page from the recylce bin, the page is back. The translated pages are back but empty. At least the &39;normal&39...
2 691
by  Tycho de Waard (SU)Jump to last post
27 Mar 2021 06:20 AM
3 Replies and 665 Views Help with Language Issue  665  3 Started by  Dan_80 Hello I setup a default language en-GB. All was working as expected.  So I disabled the en-US language and suddenly I am presented with a 404 error. I am unable to access the site again to revert my changes.  Is the a table entry I can edit to renable the language I have checked the default tables but there is no field for enable or disble of the language. Thanks   Dan
3 665
by  Timo Breumelhof (40FINGERS)Jump to last post
25 Mar 2021 03:52 AM
You are not authorized to create a new topic
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