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Multilanguage site (9.3.2) not working

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New Member

New Member

    Hi, we're developing a multi language site, so we have an english and a japanese version. 
    However, when we click on a link in the menu of the japanes version, it will still show the english page in some cases, while in other cases it works. I have checked that the pages are published, so that is not the problem:

    www.website-jp.com => click on products in menu and it shows the english product page (In code I actually see: 

    www.website-jp.com => click on contact in menu and it show the japanese page
    www.website-en.com => click on products in menu and it shows the english product page
    www.website-en.com => click on contact in menu and it shows the english contact page

    When I change the en-us page name to 'product' instead of 'products' it works ok, but I would not consider that the solution....

    I can actually tell from the code that it 'takes' the wrong tabid, and ignores the language...

    Basic Member

    Basic Member

      There are several issues regarding multi language in 9.3.2.
      If you look in the open issues in Github, I think your problem is there as well. If so, please take a minute to add you analysis to the issue.
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      Basic Member

        There are some issues with Localization in DNN 9, but none we have not been able to fix so far.

        1. If you have 2 languages, make sure you have these Portal Aliasses
            mysite.com, not default
            mysite.com/nl-nl > nl-nl, primary
            mysite.com/en-us > en-us, primary
        Restart DNN and try again.

        2. Try clearing the entries for the page in the TabUrls table

        3. Is the DefaultLanguageGuid of the page correct?
        It should be equal to the UniqueId of the page in the Default Language (which is EN I guess)
        For some reason these sometimes get mixed up on a ML site.

        4. Does the parent of a page have the correct "culture" (I guess this is a root page so less likely)

        5. When the pages seem correctly translated (when you look at the page settings per language) but the menu only shows the default language, it can be that the language is missing in the Portallocalization table.



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