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Downloading DNN

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Advanced Member

    Posted By Joe Craig on 17 Jul 2019 12:43 PM

    It's really important (to me!) that there should be a clear, visible, direct link so simple downloads of DNN.

    I also think it's great to promote nvQuickSite. That's something I use ALL OF THE TIME. It saves time, prevents self-induced errors, and generally causes me to feel like a better human being ...

    I don't think I agree with only a direct download link without instructions.
    That might lead to, for instance, Theme builders going to the source option which is not needed at all (this happend in the past)  .
    And IMO we should show both nvQuickSite and the "manual / server" option.
    I'm not a fan of the page with the separate buttons linking to the docs site TBH.
    I understand why it's done this way, but IMO not very reader friendly.



    Advanced Member

    Advanced Member

      We are, as my wife would say, "in violent agreement"!

      I just want to make sure that newcomers can find what they need, along with any help that they need in getting up and running.
      Joe Craig DNN MVP Patapsco Research Group

      Basic Member

      Basic Member

        Hi all,

        to give my two cents: I would NOT add two or more buttons, as this might make the interface too confusing.

        "Getting started" is not a good wording for people who search for a download link, and yes, I agree with Timo that leading newbies to the GitHub Page could result in downloads the user does not need, at least at the moment.

        The solution could be either to link directly to the release page (on GitHub), like https://github.com/dnnsoftware/Dnn.Platform/releases/tag/v9.3.2 (for the current 9.3.2 release) and add some information right over the download links - e.g. something like

        • Deploy.zip is for deploying DNN Platform using MS Web Platform installer
        • Install.zip is for installing DNN Platform for a new website
        • Source.zip is for ...
        • ...

        The other option would be a page on this site that explains the stuff above, and that could be possible at a more granular level (because on GitHub it would need place and to be added to every release), and other options (e.g. nvQuickSite). This page could include links to the relevant download page (https://github.com/dnnsoftware/Dnn.Platform/releases/latest), and to to the relevant DNNDocs pages.

        If a version number of the latest release is displayed, someone has to update this timely to the release. I know that at the moment everyone is enthusiastic about the new community website, but there are (and will be) tasks that are a bit boring and have to be done nevertheless.

        Happy DNNing!

        Michael Tobisch

        dnnWerk Austria
        DNN Usergroup für den deutschsprachigen Raum
        DNN Connect

        Basic Member

        Basic Member

          I think the download button maybe could be named Install and have a short page explaining how to install manually and showcase the nvQuickSite way too. The manual one could the have a link called "download latest release install package" that would just open the GitHub releases page. Then no link to maintain on each new release... As for source, I think at some point we will have some nice how to build steps in the repository readme... And finally , is the deploy package still an option that works?
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