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Programmatically log in a user

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New Around Here


    I'm working on a page where I want to programmatically log a user in from the code behind, outside the context of creating an official authentication provider (if that's possible).  My code creates and updates users correctly, and the admin logs show the login event for the correct user with a "login success" message; but the website still shows the login link rather than the username in the utility nav, and if I try to access a protected page it's not recognizing the user as logged in.

    The line of code I'm using to perform the login after the account creation/update piece is:

    UserController.UserLogin(portalID, thisUser, PortalSettings.Current.PortalName, System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Request.UserHostAddress, true);

    I've verified that the user is getting created in the context of the correct portal ID (0), and this particular site only has a single portal.

    Any insight or suggestions are much appreciated, thank you!

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