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DNN-Connect Brainstorm: Users and roles

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    This topic is a follow up on the brainstorm session held at DNN-Connect 2023. For more info, check this blog post. This thread can be used for discussions and contacting the lead for the topic, and to keep the community posted on achievements.


    The group of post-its where Peter Donker volunteered to lead for, had these texts:

    • Delegating User Management
    • Default role Content manager
    • Editor role (like in Evoq)

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      So this seems to be more about 'permissions' then roles I think.

      1) Right now the only role with permissions to add/edit/delete users is the admin/host.
      So there is a wish that we would have some way of giving another role/user the permissions to manage users.
      So this perhaps might be a call for a module (which does not live in the persona bar) where we can manage users and give permissions to certain users or roles to be able to do this.

      2) something about a 'content manager' or an 'editor' role. Well, basically you can create the role...But I think the issue is about what this 'role' can do. So this would be more granular permissions. Right now we only have 'edit' and 'view' permissions. So with the view permission, you can only 'view' (duh). But with the edit permission you can edit, but most of the times you can also add and delete. So 'edit' is actually a wrong term I think.
      A 'Content manager' or 'Editor' should only be allowed to 'edit' content and not for example delete a module, or see the persona bar. So the solutions to this (at least I think) is to have seperate 'view', 'edit', 'add' and 'delete' permissions in DNN.

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        I think it might be easier/simpler than that.  With built-in roles, they all have permissions that are not at all defined in the permission grids.  Those grids are primarily meant to offer the ability to distribute some of these permissions to modules and pages that others would ordinarily not have access to them.  

        In this case, I think a content editor would function more like an Administrator-lite...  Meaning, it could edit all content on all pages and modules, but not perform any administrative actions.  So, I think that all edit views would be available, but none of the things that would otherwise be something that an administrator should be doing. 

        Admins should rarely be actually editing content, when there's a content editor role. This also will further secure the website in many cases, because some people just add people to the Adminstrators role today, because manually creating a Content Editor role is extremely time-consuming to setup and maintain. You're constantly having to work on it.  

        Just my $0.02.  :) 

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