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dnnConfirm fires on 2nd click

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New Member

New Member

    ...well, not always :)
    When logged in as an "ordinary" user it works fine, but when I log in with the host account it fires after 1st click (and then it works fine). 

    In my module there's a radGrid with imagebuttons.
    The script is:
        jQuery(function () {
            Sys.Application.add_load(function () {
                jQuery(".confirmingGrid .DeleteButton")
                    .each(function () {
                            text: "<%= DotNetNuke.UI.Utilities.ClientAPI.GetSafeJSString(LocalizeString(&quot;DeleteItem.Text&quot;)) %> '" + $("td:eq(2)", $(this).parents("tr")).text() + "'?",
                            yesText: "<%= DotNetNuke.UI.Utilities.ClientAPI.GetSafeJSString(LocalizeString(&quot;Yes.Text&quot;)) %>",
                            noText: "<%= DotNetNuke.UI.Utilities.ClientAPI.GetSafeJSString(LocalizeString(&quot;No.Text&quot;)) %>",
                            title: "<%= DotNetNuke.UI.Utilities.ClientAPI.GetSafeJSString(LocalizeString(&quot;Confirm.Text&quot;)) %>",
                            dialogClass: "dnnFormPopup",
                            isButton: true

    In my codeBehind i have:
       ClientAPI.RegisterClientReference(Me.Page, ClientAPI.ClientNamespaceReferences.dnn)

    Testing on DNN 9.2.

    Any ideas?

    Veteran Member

    Veteran Member

      Hi Kristian,

      I'm not a dev myself but I had a quick chat with Daniel Valadas and his answer was:
      "I don't have a great answer without much more time to test, but a couple notes.. DnnGrid is a wrapper around RadGrid that was deprecated many years ago and moved into the Dnn.Web.Deprecated.dll library to make sure people really know about it and should not be used. The good advice here would be to not use it and check if the problem still persists. My best guess is that something may fire up with the RadGrid javascript that intercepts the first click or some such..."

      Is this any help?
      Tjep's digital agencyRegards,
      Tycho de Waard

      Tjep's digital agency
      We just love DNN

      New Member

      New Member

        Tycho, sadly it does not help - i'm not using DnnGrid, i'm using RadGrid itself.

        As it works fine when an ordinary user logs in, my suspicion goes to the personaBar or javascript(s) loaded when host/admin user logs in.

        New Member

        New Member

          It looks like you may be using a deprecated API endpoint to load the required DNN JS.  

          Update your DNN JS reference from this:  


          To this:

          using DotNetNuke.Framework.JavaScriptLibraries;

          Will Strohl

          Upendo Ventures Upendo Ventures
          DNN experts since 2003
          Official provider of the Hotcakes Commerce Cloud and SLA support
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