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DNN 9.8 Import/Export

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New Around Here

    I used DNN 7.3.4 for a long time and I am used to exporting single pages from our dev site and importing them to our prod site. We are now using DNN 9.8.0 and I'm trying to wrap my head around the correct process for moving content from a dev version to a production version using the import/export process.

    Obviously I dont' want to move users and assets but I have noticed that I can export Content and Permisssions from the dev site and import them to the prod site but the pages don't seem to update. I assume I'm missing something simple, could someone provide some detail on the configuration settings I should be using for this scenario.

    The only documentation I seem to be able to find is this. https://www.dnnsoftware.c...ort/export-site.html
    which would apply to a full site export/import.

    Thanks in advance.

    Veteran Member

      There are known issues with the export/import feature in DNN 9, I strongly suggest upgrading to DNN 9.9.1.
      Export of module content depends on the modules being used, not all modules (especially not most 3rd party ones) are supporting this feature.

      New Around Here

        Thanks Sebastian,

        Are there any know issues with 9.9.1 I should be concerned about?

        Veteran Member

          In DNN 9.x, you can append ?ctl=importtab to a page URL and that will bring up the UI to apply a page template to an existing page. This is the same UI that's available in earlier DNN versions under the Page control panel menu.
          Joe Craig
          DNN MVP
          Patapsco Research Group

          New Around Here

            Thanks Joe, that's very helpful.

            Veteran Member

              I should also give credit to Mike Smeltzer for that tip.

              And, you'll need to export the page template including content. And, only module that implement iPortable will save data. You'll usually recognize the as having Export and Import Content as options on the Settings menu.

              Finally, there is an Export Template option on the Sites page (in addition to Import and Export Site). That one seems to work well, at least withing a DNN Version.
              Joe Craig
              DNN MVP
              Patapsco Research Group

              Advanced Member

                Hi - I'm running DNN 9.9.1 but cannot get the Export to work as well. I'm trying to do a Content Export. Every time I try, it just stalls on "Submitted". I've tried this on a couple of test sites, with same result. No logs are found in the App_Data/ExportImport folder. I also followed this page (https://dnnsupport.dnnsof...in-Submitted-Status) but it didnt solve the issue for me.

                Any ideas how to get the Export function to work?

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