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New Page: FAQs

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    Hello Everyone! 

    FYI - We just launched an FAQ page in the About DNN section of the website.  

    There were a few primary goals:  

    • Address many of the questions we find ourselves answering over and over again. 
    • Help to guide newer community members to places/answers they don't yet know how to find
    • Make it easier for business leaders and decisions makers to find answers to their evaluation questions
    • Make it easier for anyone else evaluating DNN to know the facts, faster 


    Please feel free to take a look and offer any feedback you might have here.  Everything we do to improve the community helps to grow all of our respective businesses. 

    Thanks in advance for your help! 

    Growing Member

      Thanks WIll,

      This is a welcome addition.

      Can I suggest moving "How can I report a security issue?" to be underneath "How secure is DNN CMS in terms of protecting my website from cyber threats?".
      Having reporting of security issues as the very first item in the Technical list does not inspire confidence - although it is important.

      I am regularly asked "What training is available for users?" and "Are there videos on YouTube?". The users being mentioned are the content editors and managers of the site. Specifically, this is not training for installation on a server, or for the host admin, or for developers. They literally need instructions on how to place modules and content onto a DNN page.

      Growing Member

        while we're here, can someone look at the broken images on the DNN Showcase page please?

        Senior Member

          Thanks for your feedback, James.  

          I had no idea about the showcase having broken images.  I went ahead and disabled those sites from showing, until their respective owner(s) update the listing to include a new image.  Apparently, these images were deleted some time ago.  

          DEAR READER:  If you're one of the people whose site appears to no longer list, all you need to do is go back in and update the record.  Once you do, just reply here and I'll re-enable it.  :) 

          I updated the order of the security questions.  This feature is brand-new, and I literally threw it together real quick.  So, updates are likely going to be seen here.  

          I've also added those other two questions.  Great stuff... Thanks again!  


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            Thanks Will! This is something will certainly make things easier and time saver for a lot of folks! Awesome

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