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Social group create event notification

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    Whenever a new social group, public or private, has been created at my clients company intranet website all registereded users receive notifications concerning this event.

    The employees would like this not to happen and they believe this a feature that has been added by DNN recently. This is something I ignore but I would like to know whether it would be possible to turn off this feature by means of an administrator role in the DNN graphical user interface. Or perhaps is it something that needs to be done by SQL or code.

    Hopefully my description of this issue makes sense and thanks in advance for any comments or pieces of adwice.

    Veteran Member

      AFAIK, messages are sent out only, if users become member of a group. Are you automatically include all users into the new roles?

      New Around Here

        The Auto assignment is turned off as default and for the particular group in question, but your question helped me find the setting that caused the unexpected behaviour.
        I believe the notifications on GroupCreate is send by default to members of the Administrator role and furthermore in DNN 9.8 to any role with Group Edit permissions checked in the Social Group module settings in this case a role named Alle. Removing the Group Edit permissions for the particular custom role left only the administrator role to receive the notification which was what my client expected.

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          I am glad you were able to fix it. Maybe, you should offer your client a general permission audit of all page, module and folder permission, as unexpected grants could unveil security risks.

          New Around Here

            Yes could be a good Idea, but in this case the grant for the group 'Alle' was set deliberately since all the sites registered users (comming from Active Directory) are member of this group and they are supposed to be able to create workgroups by means of the Social group module.

            When I look in the Core_Messages table it appears that these notifications at some point in the history of this website, that was build with Evoq/DNN 8 and has been though different configurations, were added to this table whenever a social group was created by a host/administrator user with these recipients: Administrators,Content Editors,Content Managers.


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