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Containerizing DNN with Docker

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    Hello DNN Community,

    I'm currently exploring the possibility of containerizing a DotNetNuke (DNN) instance using Docker, and I've encountered some challenges that I hope to get some advice on. My goal is to deploy DNN within a Docker container to streamline development and deployment processes. However, integrating IIS within the container has proven to be a significant hurdle.

    I have attempted two different approaches to containerize DNN. The first approach was a basic setup that involved running DNN with IIS inside the container. Unfortunately, this resulted in issues with starting the IIS service and configuring it correctly within the container environment.

    Motivated by this, I will explore a more advanced approach based on a repository I found on GitHub https://github.com/bdukes/DNN-on-Docker, which includes PowerShell scripts to automate DNN and SQL Server configurations in Docker. This method also involves using Docker Compose to manage the application and database services.

    Challenges Encountered:

    • Difficulties with the IIS service starting up correctly within the Docker container.
    • Uncertainties about managing IIS configurations and settings from within the containerized environment, especially since the administrative interface is not available.


    1. Has anyone in the community successfully containerized DNN with Docker, and could you share your insights or resources that helped you achieve this?
    2. How do you manage IIS within a Docker container, particularly regarding configurations typically handled through the IIS administrative interface?
    3. Are there recommended practices or documentation available for containerizing DNN, especially concerning IIS integration and database connectivity?

    I am also curious if there are articles, documentation, or community posts that discuss containerizing DNN and managing IIS within a Docker environment.

    Any guidance, links to resources, or advice based on your experiences would be greatly appreciated as I navigate these challenges.

    Thank you in advance for your help and support.

    Best regards, 
    Antonio Gonnella

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      I do not have any experience with running DNN within a Docker container, but I have heard of several people over the years attempting this.  Hopefully, someone with more in-depth knowledge will chime in and help.

      David Poindexter
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        I haven't done anything serious with containerizing DNN since I looked into it in 2018, with the results in that GitHub repo you linked to. I was mainly focusing on a development experience, and had issues with IIS picking up changes to files on the mounted volume. There's an issue in that GitHub repo indicating that folks in 2019 had more luck than I did.

        Regarding IIS configuration, I would use the WebAdministration PowerShell module to adjust configuration. New-Website and New-WebBinding will get the main pieces done for you, and Set-WebConfiguration and Set-WebConfigurationProperty can do the more intensive pieces.

        Hope it helps!

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