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New Around Here

    We are talking about 15 committees over 20+ years.  All our minutes are stored in various emails, so, in text format.

    Estmated number of minutes: 1500+

    Some have attachments... 100+?

    What do you suggest I use in DNN to be able to store all these minutes and search for them....Separate files/documents?  Content managed webpages? other /

    Thank you for your suggestions.

    Veteran Member

      We use 2sxc (see https://2sxc.org for more detail) to quickly and easily manage resources like this.

      David Poindexter


      Senior Member

        Oh, there are so many ways to handle that. I think it would be best to discuss the user experience you're trying to accomplish. One of the structured content solutions (like OpenContent, 2sxc, Live Content, etc.) can be used, or you may find you need to have something built.

        Veteran Member

          As Will mentions, the desired user experience could steer you to one of many solutions. To add to the list, Document Exchange may fit the bill as well.

          David Poindexter


          Veteran Member

            Just in addition to Will's and David's posts and to save you some time googling...:

            Happy DNNing!

            Michael Tobisch

            dnnWerk Austria
            DNN Connect

            New Around Here

              At a technical level and permissions level, if we chose to upload files as minutes as pdfs for example, are these files stored on the DNN server, or in the database?  I wrote a document management application years ago and then I hated storing files in SQL, but then I was looking a millions of documents.  Not the case here.

              Whats are the limitations of each architecture.

              The user experience, I guess, is: a committee has a minutes page, grouped by year and sorted by date. Click on a date and either a webpage opens or a pdf...I dont really care... or should I?


              Advanced Member

                DNN supports folder providers and comes with a few:

                - Normal would be your normal hosting disk space
                - Secure will store on disk but rename files to .resources and serve them with special urls that verify permissions
                - Database would be stored in your database

                Then if you setup the Azure Storage connection you also get to have Azure folders that work just like local ones but the files are store on azure and served through their cdn. This is a great option to save on disk space, backup complexity and bandwidth.

                Senior Member

                  I addition to the options that Daniel listed for storing folders, there are also third-party folder providers out there that allow you to store the documents in all of the most popular cloud environments, UNC file shares, etc.  So, it's really up to you and your budget.  For that many files, it may be a good idea to use Azure or S3.  We usually use Evotiva's DnnGlobalStorage folder provider.  In fact, we're implementing another one right now.  

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