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Content Injection 3.1.0 Released!

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    If you're not aware, this Content Injection module is the original extension built for DNN to help you inject HTML into your page, without having to update the theme, or perform any other tricks.  You just add it to the page, and you're ready to go!  

    Summary of Updates:  

    • Improved the User Experience When Creating a new Content Injection (No Issue, Thanks, @WillStrohl!)
    • Updated to build against DNN Platform 9.10.0. etc. (Issue #237) Thank you, @WillStrohl!)
    • Updated to build against .NET Framework 4.8. (Issue #237) Thank you, @WillStrohl!)
    • Updated the underlying build scripts to use the latest build features in upendodnn generator. (No Issue, Thanks, @WillStrohl!)
    • Added a symbols package (No Issue, Thanks, @WillStrohl!)

    Download Content Injection 3.1

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      All sorts of wonderful - you sir are on a roll!

      David Poindexter


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        Awesome Will! This is very handful for marketing purposes.

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          Was this posted created by injection?
          Chris Hammond Christoc.com Software Solutions
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          Open Source Projects and Tutorials since 2003

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            Now THAT is funny !!

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              Posted By Chris Hammond on 9/18/2023 10:04 AM
              Was this posted created by injection?



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