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Ventrian news Articles v 00.13.00

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    We just released Ventrian News Articles 00.13.00, which fixes some bugs and has some nice improvements, see:


    FYI, as we are moving all our client data from News Articles to Open Content, this is probably the last release we as 40FINGERS are releasing.
    If there are community members that are willing to manage the project, please contact Scott: https://github.com/sjmcculloch

    (We don't "Manage Users" rights for this Github project)

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      Timo, thank you to you and your team for taking this project on for the time you did! Although we don’t use this solution actively anymore, it was still nice to see the progression over your tenure. It is a great example of community participation and you all should be applauded!

      David Poindexter


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        Thank you ! - I have a number of clients that actively use this.

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          Thanks Timo for keeping this module going.
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            Hi All,

            It's unfortunate that it isn't getting upgraded any longer. We use it for our journal and may have to migrate to an Open Journal System (OJS).

            There is a broken section in the module under the admin section. I can no longer add a category and save it, which is pretty crucial.

            It should look like this:

            Now it looks like this and no longer functions! Can't save or scroll anymore.