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How to do a 'react' build?

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    I want to debug an issue in the client side react code , How do I do a build so that my changes are transferred to my dev website? That is without doing ".\Build.ps1 -Target ResetDevSite"

    Must be something simpler...

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      It isn't unfortunately. So first thing to understand: the React code doesn't live in VS when you open the solution. VS is not the best tool for editing React javascript. VS Code, for instance, is much better. So open up your Git cloned DNN folder in VS Code and go to the Admin Experience folder and then ClientSide. That holds all the React code for the PersonaBar. Navigate to the react project of your choice, for instance the Site Settings (SiteSettings.Web). Open the package.json and check the projects "name" (site_settings).

      Now also open a shell/command prompt at the root of the git repo. And type in this code:

      yarn watch --scope site_settings

      This will fire up webpack and build this project and copy the result to where you've specified in the settings.local.json. If you don't know what that means please read the BUILD document in the repo documentation.


        Great, thanks, works as advertised.

        So webpack observes file changes, that is handy. Chrome complains that react hot module replacement is not available. I probably need a plugin Next I need to figure out how to do debugging...

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          Awesome discussion!  Also, it's maybe too amusing that Peter S. is labeled "new around here."  :) 

          See you at DNN Connect in a few months!  

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