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CK Editor - which version

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    Hi - I'm using CK Editor Provider version 2.1.27 with DNN 9.9.1. Is that the correct version to use, or should I consider upgrading CK Editor Provider? I see they are up to version 5 (https://github.com/ckeditor/) .

    Awhile back, I asked about this on CK Editor soppurt forum, and they weren't aware of CK Editor being used with DNN (and recommended that DNN should upgrade to a more current bversion of CK Editor) . They suggested I try a more recent version of CK Editor.

    Does anyone know more about this?


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      DNN 9.9.0 has a more recent version of the CKeditor.
      "Updated CK Editor version 4.15.1. #4383 Thanks @skamphuis"

      So, I guess you are not using the default.
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        Thanks Tycho - So I guess I can get version 4.15.1 and try it on our site ( I will try on a test website first)

        I appreciate your response - If anyone else knows more about this please let me know.


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          If I'm using CK Editor Provider 2.1.27 with DNN 9.9.1, Does that mean it's running CK Editor 4.15.1? I can't find the CK Editor version number anywhere (I'm assuming the Provider version 2.1.27 is not the same thing,,)


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            you'll find the editor version in the about box of the editor itself (question mark icon in the toolbar)

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              Thanks Sebastian - I found it. (I had been looking in the Provider settings).
              Looks like I'm running CK Editor 4.12.1.
              Should I upgrade to 4.15.1 ? If so, how do I do so?

              Thanks for your help -

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                CKEditor is usually bundled in the CKEditor provider - by running latest version of DNN you should have latest version of the provider installed and usually a more or less current version of CKEditor as well.

                New Around Here

                  @Tom: Try the DNNConnect.CKE provider

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                    Thanks Han -

                    I did try to switch to DNNConnect.CKE, on one of my test websites, but it didn't work. When I did that, the editor became blank, and I could no longer get to the HTML Editor manager. I had to go to the web.config to switch back to CKHtmlEditorProvider to get it to work again.


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                      Hello, I think I'm facing the same problem, I recently upgraded DNN from 9.1.1 to 9.12.0, but CKEditor seems not updated, currently I have 4.6.1. How to fix it ? Also Site Setting - Site Behavior - More - Open HTML Editor Manager is broken, it shows Server Error: "404 - File or directory not found."

                      EDIT: it's somehow strange, after some digging, I perform: Settings - Extensions - CKEditor Config Manager - Click to YES in column "In Use" - Module Usage... - Host - This module is used on 1 host page - "Host > HTML Editor Manager" - it opens HTML Editor Manager where I can switch Current Provider from CKHtmlEditorProvider to be DNNConnect.CKE which seems new (4.18.0). Does this mean that the CKEditor Config Manager is somehow breaking functionality and should be removed from the modules ?

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