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DNN Specialists: Vendor is AWOL

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    From the DNN Store, I purchased the "Reservations Module" version 7.3 from the vendor "DNN Specialists" about a month ago. I immediately hit a few issues, and have reached out to the vendor via the store's contact channel several times but I am not getting any responses. The vendor's website redirects back to store.dnnsoftware.com. Furthermore, the Extensions report on my site indicates that a newer version of the module is available, however, there is seemingly no place to obtain it (it's not available in the store as a patch or upgrade). 

    Does anyone know anything about this vendor, and or what their status is? It seems somewhat fraudulent to be actively selling modules in the store, with the offer of support and updates, when neither are forthcoming.

    Veteran Member

      I the module is working, I wouldn't worry.

      For what it's worth, the module listed on the store is version 7.3. Depending on your version of DNN, I'm not sure that I'd trust the indication that there is an upgrade. This particular part of DNN is somewhat in flux, and you might just want to ignore it for now.

      I've never heard of this vendor or module, btw.
      Joe Craig
      DNN MVP
      Patapsco Research Group

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        We are using the module on one DNN site, its version 7.1. We communicated with the vendor last on May 22, 2020 via the DNN Store help ticket system.

        Did you ever get in touch with them after your post here?

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          I am having a similar problem with this Module/Developer. 

          I have been using their module for YEARS without issue, with the occasional upgrades here and there. Today I went to make some changes to the settings, and it won't save. Looks like the module is referencing something on Google that no longer exists? I went to the DNNStore ... the developer and all of their modules are now gone. Their website doesn't work either. I sent a message using the DNNStore Helpdesk, but I have a feeling that no one is reviewing those either.

          Has anyone been able to get a hold of this developer? Did they go out of business?


          New Around Here

            Nothing yet. My attempts to find the developer have also come to nothing. Still hoping.

            New Around Here


              I've tried too. I even reached out to the DNN Store to see if they had any contact information ... no luck. I E-Mailed the two E-Mail addresses I had for them, no response.

              I have a feeling they are gone for good with no way to reach them. Stinks how they just up and vanished without a word to their existing paying customers. I will be starting to write my own replacement for their module, as soon as time permits.

              New Around Here

                Hello there! Checking in. Did anyone find out what happened to the developer? We used their module quite a bit and found it was using telerik so we can't continue using it. Any other solutions out there that are similar? Thanks!

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                  I got nothin'. We did rebuild the app for our needs as a 2sxc App. Its not in a form that could be shared, but we are considering putting that effort in since its pretty useful.

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                    I don't have anything in particular to add about this particular module or its developer. But I do have some general comments.

                    If you purchase something on the DNN Store (BTW that's owned and operated by DNN Corp, not the DNN Community) and you have trouble with the vendor, get in touch with DNN Corp and ask for help. Assuming your purchase was made via a credit card, you may be able to get your credit card company to help.

                    Before you purchase a module, you might want to do your own form of due diligence. Look for reviews and or comments. Ask other's for their opinions and alternatives. Check the developer's website for activity, support options, forums, etc. How long has the vendor been around, etc.?

                    Do your research and get to know who are the well known, quality, respected vendors in the community. Do they participate in community events, sponsor events, and the like. Can you learn the names of the people behind the vendor operations?

                    If your website would be crippled by the loss of the module, are there options to purchase the source code? Ask the vendor about other options for protecting yourself. For example, is the code base in "escrow" somewhere in the event that the vendor fails?

                    Finally, if there is a free demo that you can install on a test site, do it. Someone I met early in my DNN days offered the following suggestions:
                    - Don't buy or use a module unless you can get a copy of the source code.
                    - Install the module, and then immediately uninstall it. Check to see that the module uninstalls cleanly.
                    - Then, and only then, should you bother to test the module.

                    I've been at this since sometime in 2006. I can't recall being left high and dry ... well, not totally. And my hat is forever off to vendors who, having gone out of the module business, open sourced their modules. At last one former vendor responded to my pleas for some help several years after having exited the business.
                    Joe Craig
                    DNN MVP
                    Patapsco Research Group

                    New Around Here


                      I am sure we all appreciate your input, and generally speaking, these are all good points. That being said, they do not pertain to this particular instance. DNNSpecialists was a company that was around for many, many, years. I worked with them for a very long time, and never had an issue. Their vanishing was completely abrupt and without warning. No amount of research would have prevented this situation.

                      I myself already contacted DNN Corp directly, and they flat out told me there is nothing they can do to assist.

                      We were all using the modules for some time, they were reputable and a well-known vendor. I myself have been using their modules for close to if not already ten (10) years. As for getting to know the company themselves and their people ... when you are working with small modules that work and rarely need any kind of support ... getting to know the vendor directly isn't usually something that happens.

                      With regards to the code ... as we all should be aware, any vendor that offers access to their source code does so at a much higher cost. Unless there is a significant "need" for that ... most people will not initially jump on the idea of purchasing access to the source if it is not needed at the time. Had they informed us ahead of time that they were closing shop, I would have jumped on the opportunity to immediately purchase their source code, but alas, we didn't get that option.

                      There was no need for "trials" as we knew the modules worked for what we needed since we were all already using them. However, that being said, they did offer a trial on all of their modules, which I remember using before I decided to purchase their products long ago.

                      Unfortunately, there have been several companies that have done this in the past. This is actually the third time that this situation has happened to me, where companies vanish overnight without warning. There was a fourth instance, however, they made all their code open-source which was very nice of them, so that people could continue to maintain it themselves if they so desired.

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