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Importing Users or Using an External DB with DNN 9.4

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    Hi, I've got a userbase of about 40,000 users that is managed in an external customer management software. Each night I upload a user table to my DNN DB for import into the DNN users table. Up until now I was using DNN Masters User Management Suite to import the the data  but since 9.4 it's throwing errors and I'm looking for an alternative. DNNMasters.UMS

    I'm looking for the following features:
    Import via SQL query
    Handle 40,000 records nightly using scheduler
    Ability to update existing records.

    I've looked at a couple in the store:

    Iowa Computers External DB Authenticator is OK but a bit minimalistic and seems to no longer be actively developed, I'm not even sure if its 9.4 compatible.

    Data Springs Interactive Importer Module looks good but no updates or activity on their forums for years now so I'm dubious.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to a module that could fit my needs?








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      Did you take a look at DNN Sharp scheduler? I think it could take care of the import for you.
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        Michael - I'm the developer for the External Database Authentication provider, it is still actively supported, but it doesn't really accomplish what you are looking for. As it is designed for authentication, not actually importing users into DNN etc. It doesn't see many updates due to the limited scope that it targets.

        I think Tycho might have the best recommendation here.
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          I'm intrigued by your suggestion, I use several of DNNSharp's modules and have been very happy with them.

          I installed the trial of Scheduler and can see how I can authorize users and update profiles but I don't see any actions that would add a new user.

          I would appreciate any insight you can offer thanks!

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            Thanks for the update.  I used your module for many years prior to switching (Needed fancy profiles).

            You may want to update the listing for the authenticator in the store.  Its hard to tell sometimes what plugins are still supported.


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