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Resource Manager allowing access to users

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New Around Here

    I am using the Resource Manager (9.11.0 on DNN 9.11.0) and I need site visitors to be able to upload images - jpg files.

    I can see the module but I get "Authorization has been denied for this request." when I open the page

    When logged in as SuperUser I can using ResourceManager Settings I have chosen Normal Mode and Set the Home Folder to the specific Folder I want accessed.

    There is a Settings Cog in the corner which when accessed says Edit Folder Mappings, giving 3 default options and the highlghted one is Secure.


    1. Is there a way to make the folder "open to all"

    2. Does anyone know if it can be altered via SQL and if so which tables / fields

    Any other ideas how to allow users access, if neccessary I will have selected users with Login.

    But at the moment I have other ways so that the general public cannot get to the page

    Any ideas gratefully recieved



    Senior Member

      I'm not sure you are better off using the Resource Manager or something else, like the Documents module, instead.  The Resource Manager isn't really ready for this kind of use yet, in my opinion.  

      New Around Here

        Hi Will

        Thank you very much, I will take a look and hopefully it will solve my problem :-)

        This might be a stupid question, but hopefully a suggestion.

        Is there anywhere that list all of the "free to use" modules that do not get added by default to standard installs

        I have "developed" a website solution based on DNN that only users the Reports module and a paid for form module. Doesn't use HTML as these are added per page. I have the pages but they use URL mapping to go to certain layouts.

        Every now an then I need some custom stuff but these tend to be solution specific e.g. my "how to upload docs / pictures"

        I will feed back on the Documents module as I found another user trying to share documents using Resource Manager

        Best regards


        New Around Here


          The document module presents users with "files" that have been uploaded by a another method.

          I need a facility to upload files of a specific type e.g. .jpg that a 'public user can access' I do not have the page that contains such a module easily found. No public links only those generated by other channels e.g. something totally random e.g. www.mysite.com/SomeTotallyRandomPage name like a 36 character Unique ID.

          I can see I may have to use some password protected feature :-(

          Thanks for your suggestion






          Senior Member

            Yeah, due to the nature of the open-source nature of software communities, it's unfortunately not a quick answer about where to find extensions for DNN.  Luckily, though, there's a great section of content in the documentation that asks the question, "Should you create an extension?"

            In that section, there are links to a few areas to look for extensions for your website.  All of them will have free extensions listed, and the DNN Store will also have all of the commercial ones.  

            For the benefit of us here, I'll list those links here as well.  

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