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SmokeRanch AdBannerManager alternativ

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    Hello all,

    I've been using this module for almost five years now, and I've seen that the vendor has gone missing. The domain www.smokeranch.com isn't responding anymore and the module is definitely obsolete and not compatible with DNN 9.11.

    Does anyone know about a good alternative for showing banners in DNN?

    Thank you,


    Veteran Member

      I am pretty sure the DNN.Vendors module is still a viable option, but that really just depends on your requirements.  You could also just build what you want/need using 2sxc, OpenContent, or a custom module.  Let us know if you need some help.

      David Poindexter


        Thank you, David :-)

        I used dnnVendors module in the past, but it was quite limited when it came to templating (responsiveness). I've seen that it just has been revamped, so I'll take a look to check if it's a viable alternative to SmokeRanch. It's a shame that some vendors just disappear without leaving the chance of getting maintenance for their paid modules or making them opensource.


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          I agree 100%. Good luck and let us know if we can be of help. Also, keep in mind that improvements can be made to the DNN.Vendors module. You'd be amazed at how far a little love via GitHub Sponsors will help with some developers in our community. ;-)

          David Poindexter


          Growing Member

            Hi Fransisco, I agree with you, the Smoke Ranch Banner Advertisements module has been the only robust, full-featured banner managing module within DNN... the module is so well developed for complex functionality that it can be sometimes too complicated for clients to setup and manage, so we often install it and then manage it for the end-clients!

            I have also seen the DNN developer make some updates over the past 5 years, but nothing recently, so while the module still works correctly within DNN 9.10, there are settings screens which do not display within the interface without errors.

            I have not found an alternate DNN module that already exists which has all of this functionality. For some clients we suggest that they use Google Ads and DoubleClick advertising to then control and manage ads... however, as David suggested, we have also considered using the same data tables of the Smoke Ranch Banner module and then rebuilding the front-end display within Structured Content dev modules such as XMod Pro.

            For the moment, here at 7/2023, we are still using the original SmokeRanch for several clients. DM if you would like more help with this in the future, perhaps we work together to make a basic replacement : )
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