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DNN version 7.3.3 - Content Localization-Not working

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New Around Here

    Totally new to DNN world.Trying to implement multilingual support for one of our website based on DNN (Evoq content) 7.3.3.English(en-US) is the only language supported as of today and now we want support for Canadian French and also know how to make use of URL to detect locale and switch between languages 

    Following are the steps I am doing after reading DNN documentation but I dont see content in french

    Firstly login to DNN Evoq content Admin portal  using SuperUser/Host account credentials

    1. Go to Admin-->Languages-->Add New Language

    2. Enable the newly added language

    3. Provide translations for that language static content using "Static Resource" editor to generate locale specific .resx(xml) file in App_LocalResources folder of each indiviual module

    4. Enable "Content Localization" feature in Host-->Host Settings-->Other Settings-->Allow Content Localization-->Check the checkbox

    5. New button "Enable Localized Content" will appear under Admin-->Languages.Click Enable Localized Content button.PopUp window appears

      1. Make sure default site language is correct beacuse it cannot be furher changed unless localized content is disabled.

      2. Check "Make All Pages Transalatable" which makes all existing pages culture specific.Else all pages will be cuture neutral

      3. Click Enable Localized Content buttom inside the popup window.Translation workflow starts and it is not completely automated.Few things need to be done manually

        1. Make each page translatable/Create translatable pages

        2. Iterate through each translatable page and translate it for each "Enabled" langauge

        3. .Once translation is done for all languages,translator has to manually mark indiviual pages in each enabled language as "Translated"

        4. When time comes to go live(production)

          1. Activte the language

          2. Publish the language so that all pages marked as translated in that language inherits the permissions as it is from default langauge so that each user will be able to view pages with same permissions as it happens with default langauge.

          3. If a language is not published then pages can be viewed in that langauge only by Administrators and translators


    Also where can I find Full Language pack for Canad French for DNN 7.3.3 so that I can use it for inbuilt DNN stuff for translation

    Also whats the difference b/w Core vs Full Language pack

    Also what is the best(proven) approach one can take if content is stored in database for localization

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      It seems to me that you're getting the point about localization. The steps you specified are in a logical order. I do recommend to make sure that your' second language it's enabled before running the "make a copy from all translatable..."

      The link to get the languages pack is: https://www.dnnsoftware.c...nload/language-packs
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        You should also upgrade your DNN to the latest release.
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