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How is RTL content managed on DNN site w/Arabic language version?

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    Hi DNN community,

    Have any of you had experience setting up a localized site that includes English and a RTL language such as Arabic? We have a new franchise we need to add to our installation, and they have English and Arabic translations. I set up localized sites several years ago, and it turned out to have problems I couldn't work around, but hoping with improvements since then it will work better now. However, I've never set an Arabic or other right-to-left language as the secondary option. (We're on Evoq Basic 9.2.2 by the way). I see in the DKEditor a toolbar option that lets the editor apply a RTL dir attribute to paragraphs, but is that all there is? I was hoping for some kind of default setting that could exist at a higher level to make things easier for the editors. Thanks for any advice or guidance you can provide! 


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      David, we have implemented some RTL DNN's but it's mainly the skin/theme that you need to be carefull with. At least that's how we managed it always. If the skin manages the RTL-LTR settings all should be ok from there down.
      I've had some trouble with handling of dates in DNN where arabic dates where used and DNN couldn't handle them. But I think this was corrected recently in Evoq (not 100% sure though).
      Vicenç Masanas
      Disgrafic ITec SL Banyoles - Spain

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        Hi Vicenç,  Thanks for the advice! I hadn't thought about that, but I suppose that the theme's CSS styles would be able to enforce the dir attribute on HTML elements such as paragraphs.  I'm looking at using Content Localization to provide both English and Saudi versions of the site, and prehaps I can create a RTL version of the theme to apply to just the Saudi set of pages.

        Thanks again,


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          Hello David,

          Did you created skin/them in arabic Or RTL language pack as I have been looking for arabic language pack since last few days and new to DNN development. I would appreciate if you could help from where to start.

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            Hello Gulzar,

            Thanks for asking - the project that I was working on with that did not end up getting completed. But what I ended up doing was to create some special Containers in DNN that applied CSS to the primary HTML elements to enforce the RTL direction for entries. https://www.w3schools.com...rection.asp The HTML code editors built into DNN do have optional buttons to allow the content creators to manually apply the RTL style to the elements, but I was attempting to make that the default as part of the Skin's Containers. This may not have been the best approach, but was where I was when the project fizzled out.

            Good luck! 

            Thanks, David

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