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Language selector - Text just language not region

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    When displaying just text in the language selector is there anyway to display just the language name not the region

    ie: Show 'English' instead of 'English (US)'. 

    There used to be a module Apollo Language Selector that could do this but that does not seem available anymore

    Thanks in advance for any help given


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      Hi Tony,

      Here's a list of tokens you can use:




      Core Token replace

      You can use all the DNN core tokens in these templates


      Gets the culture name in the format " ()" in the language of the localized version of .NET Framework.


      Gets the culture name in the format " ()" in English.


      Gets the culture identifier for the current CultureInfo


      Gets the culture name in the format "-".


      Gets the culture name, consisting of the language, the country/region, and the optional script, that the culture is set to display.


      Gets the ISO 639-2 three-letter code for the language of the current CultureInfo


      Gets the ISO 639-1 two-letter code for the language of the current CultureInfo


      This will generate the correct URL for the current page in a specific culture


      The name of a flag image (.gif only) for a specific culture, in the format "-.gif".


      Returns “True” if a specific culture is the current culture.


      Inserts the Label text from the resource file.


      Returns the directory that holds the core country flag images (/images/Flags)


      Returns the portal directory


      Returns the directory of the current skin


      Returns the global (host) skin folder


      Example Code


      Default configuration in default DotNetNuke skin.

      Displays only dropdownlist

      ' />

      Displays dropdownlist and flag of currently selected language


      Displays text links for languages. Selected language has different Classname

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        there is also an extended language selector skin object from interzoic, but i didn't test compatibility with DNN 8 or 9 yet


        New Around Here

          Hi Timo,

          Unfortunatly none of those tokens work they way I want. They show the region like 'English (Canada)'


          New Around Here

            Hi Sebasation,

            I had tried registering on that site yesterday to download the object, unfortunatly the registration does not seem to work. I have contacted them to ask for help

            I could create my own object if I knew how to get the different urls of a page for each language...any pointers ?



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              if you want to create the Language Selector SKO yourself, you should start with the skin object inside DNN Platform, rename and extend it according th your needs.

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                Posted By Tony Stallan on 14 Nov 2019 09:31 AM

                Hi Timo,

                Unfortunatly none of those tokens work they way I want. They show the region like 'English (Canada)'


                Hmm, right.
                I think that needs to be added to the core then.
                A quick and dirty solution would be:

                < span class="[CULTURE:TWOLETTERISOCODE]">< /span>







                New Around Here

                  Hi Timo,

                  Great idea, I will give that a go


                  New Around Here

                    Many thanks Timo

                    Worked like a charm.


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