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Menu Items & HTML text block translations with Localization DISABLED

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Growing Member

    Hello, we're re-building an entire site that's currently on version 7 using 9.12. The current production site was configured multilanguage with Allow Content Localization but we don't want to do this on the new site; we want to rely heavily on resx files.

    I'm having a hard time figuring out two things:

    1. How to translate Menu Items (pages).
    2. How to insert HTML/Text blocks that reference my resx files.

    Thank you!

    Veteran Member

      Well, with full localization turned on, you'll be able to translate those things.  Full localization will have a combination of translated resx files AND translated content.  Even some images might need localized versions.  

      Growing Member

        Hello Will, the reason I don't want to use Localization is that it duplicates the entire site. Down the line, wouldn't this cause a lot more maintenance work? I'd have to be updating all my work twice and it's prone to errors.

        Not sure what you mean by FULL Localization... ? as opposed to just Localization.

        Thank you

        Veteran Member

          Full localization means turning it all on, really.  Pages are content and are not easily changed unless you do it this way, as an example.  

          You're correct that enabling and using full localization is indeed more work.  However, you can also be selective on which things have localized content, because everything falls back to the original (fallback) language.  So, you can translate the page settings (as an example), but the rest of the content will be in your fallback language.   

          I'd recommend playing with this in an offline environment so you can get a feel for what I'm trying to say.  😊 

          Growing Member

            Aiight, fair enough. So, going back to my original post with the two bullet questions, I guess the anwser is that it can not be done unless I turn Localization ON?

            Thank you!

            Veteran Member

              Yeah, you're right.  You need a combination of the two techniques, really.  Otherwise, it becomes really difficult to maintain.  This way, it's all primarily through configuration and resx files.  :) 

              Advanced Member

                From a SEO perspective enabling localizatoin allows you to have an opportunity to have your website display on the SERP's from more than one language. I guess this is another reason to implement localization.

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                Veteran Member

                  for localizing page names, there is an old fallback mechanism obtaining translated page name from globalResources.resx using page path as key, like with "home" and "search results". A second technique built in would be using templates of website template, which is quite tricky and there is no UI for it.
                  For translating HTML blocks, you would need to create a custom module (e.g. based on HTML module), which supports content in multiple language.
                  Thus said, there is unfortunately no mechanism in DNN for translating other PageSettings, ModuleSettings and TabModuleSettings, other than using full DNN Content Localization feature.

                  Growing Member

                    Thank you everyone! :-)

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