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translate cookie sentence

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    I like to translate the cookie sentence and "Got it" to Dutch and German.
    Does somebody know where to find this in the app resources?

    Regards, Ton 

    New Around Here

      Hi Ton, 

      you find the strings to translate the cookie consent message in \App_GlobalResources\GlobalResources.resx 


      1) Go to SETTINGS > Site Settings > Languages > Translate Resource File 
      2) Select Resource File: Global Resources > Global Resources 
      3) There you find the three available resources to translate: 

      cc_dismiss.Text (Button Text)
      cc_link.Text (Link Text)
      cc_message.Text (Message Text)

      Hope that helps! 



      New Around Here

        Hi Wofgang,

        Yes, I found it and it works ok.

        Regards, Ton

        Veteran Member

          BTW, When I cannot find the resource file I use Notepad++'s "Search files..." function. Start in the root directory of the website, filter for *.resx files and include subdirectories...

          Happy DNNing!

          Michael Tobisch

          dnnWerk Austria
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