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Page Speed AA

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    Anything less than AA (97%/97%) on gtmetrix.com is unacceptable. :) Microsoft (France) got AB. LOL. Microsoft.Com is a DB with 6.6 seconds load time and 143 (!) HTTP/HTTPS requests. Am not sure if dot com is on DNN.

    And by the way, the missing percentages are mostly because of google's analytics java script. I wonder how they get away with wasting 113 bytes during each and every page request (almost worldwide) not cached. CO2 much. Why isn't the script minified? This script is loaded every 2 hours by default by everyone on this planet (and on ISS).

    Google Bad

    Microsoft BAD

    Microsoft Almost Good

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      Just in case if some folks want to improve their speed.

      I would look into getting a CDN (check out free ones like https://cloudinary.com/).

      Reduce the number of HTTP requests, for example by combining scripts and css files and by using sprites to load multiple images with one single HTTP request.

      Also make sure that you compress all the images properly and reduce their actual size to the size used on page. Specify the image sizes in HTML for any image loaded to let the browser properly layout your page.

      Get a fast server, preferably with SSD.

      Doing all that, should improve your speed noticeably.

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        One more tip if you want to introduce sprites, like back in the days when we were all programming games for our C64 computers (a.k.a. shapes to the Apple II guys). We had some success with "https://spritegen.website...rformance.org/" to generate the sprite sheet and then "https://codepen.io/pen/" to test the CSS/sprite sheet ! Make sure to test all targetted browsers. It works with current versions of IE, Edge, FireFox, Chrome and Opera.

        Would be cool if a platform like DNN would do that automatically, somehow in the background.

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