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Page Weight and Speed

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New Around Here

    Good Morning!

    It's weird, none of you know me (except Will maybe), but many of you guys seem familiar. I've been working with DNN and Hotcakes Commerce for over 4 years and sifted through inumerable forum posts, Github, Hotcakes Zendesk and both DNN and Hotcakes source code. So let me take this moment:
    Thank you Joe, Sebastian, Will and all the others!

    At this point I have to make a decision for my next project, which involves a very competitve ecommerce market. I've gathered a lot of experience with DNN and I'm a big fan of Hotcakes Commerce, so my first choice is DNN.
    I set up a brand new 9.4.0 multi-language site on Xcillion with Hotcakes. After enabling composite files and gzip, I get 12 requests with a total of 291.53 KB transferred and 0.98 MB size on the empty Home page.
    For comparison, I set up a multi-language Drupal site with all required modules. After composite and gzip, I end up with 9 requests and a total of 90.87 KB transferred and 366.16 KB size on the empty Home page.


    I know I'll most likely not be able to transform DNN into the CMS-Ferrari, however I'd like to know if anyone found a way to reduce page weight. 748.71 KB JS including WebResource and ScriptResource is a lot.

    At the moment, I see a few ways, albeit not ideal:

    • Optimization via the Skin - not sure how much is possible here
    • Caching stuff for the DNN Page on a separate landing page
    • Lazy-Loading as much as possible, might require some core modifications (nono)

    What's the correct approach?
    I would image in order to include landing pages into the DNN site it's necessary to have the option to use a minimalistic skin, that includes select few modules and scripts, in my case e.g. language selection and bootstrap. Is that a thing?

    Alois Krichmayr

    Veteran Member

      Regarding skin: if you start with speed in mind, you can take NVquicktheme or 2SIC Bootstrap 4 instant as a starting point. Both have been able to reach a 100 points in Google Page SPeed. Of course until reality hits and you start adding images :-) But it is a great start anyway!

      If you are a dev Hotcakes or OpenStore can be your friend and Will or Dave Lee would be able to optimize. If you're not a dev, you could take a look at Live Storefront. I know Mandeeps has been a great deal of optimizing speed, even for big shops.

      If you are considering outside DNN, my first choice would not be Drupal but NopCommerce. Drupal is not really great for shops as it is not their primary market/target audience and it is more suitable for Drupal lovers who want a shop.
      Tjep's digital agencyRegards,
      Tycho de Waard

      Tjep's digital agency
      We just love DNN

      New Around Here

        After some more research, testing and digging I decided to go with Bootstrap 4 instant and Hotcakes.

        Speaking of Hotcakes.. https://github.com/Hotcak...erce-core/issues/217 :D

        Thank's for the hint, Tycho!

        Alois Krichmayr

        Growing Member

          I would recommend to use GTMetrix and check what the page is fetching. You could also use the browser for that, but they produce a good summary.

          I have optimized our older DNN to the maximum possible to me. But that was before WebResource and ScriptResource existed. Am currently updating to 9.4.1 and I guess I will have to optimize it again as it seems. Will update later once optimized.

          Currently the page has 114KB and 14 requests, thanks to sprites, with 100 in Google Page Speed and AA on GTMetrix (97%/97%). We don't load any jQuery, Bootstrap or other libraries, unless you are logged in as admin, as we wanted our site to work with JavaScript turned off, back in the days when we designed it. Just pure HTML/CSS. We will see how it does after the upgrade. :)

          This looks promising -> https://gtmetrix.com/repo...cktheme.com/dNmXNEMJ

          New Around Here

            I'd love to know where you get, especially how you deal with Web- & ScriptResource optimizations.

            Without jQuery, I got to 137KB at 9 requests as a starting point.
            With jQuery it's 235KB at 11 requests.
            For both there's still plenty of room to optimize though.

            Alois Krichmayr

            Growing Member

              Sorry for the late reply, but it took longer than expected to get all the modules ported to 9.4.1.

              After the upgrade we now get a double B rating on gtmetrix, instead of double A, which is better than I expected. Before we had moved all CSS and JS to the CDN and now that stuff is on the local server again, for example. I hope to get to optimizing it during this week. Am happy that it's all working for now. :)

              Did you try out the Client Resource Management? You can find it in Persona Bar -> Settings -> Servers -> Server Settings -> Performance -> Enable Composite Files. I haven't tried it yet but it is supposed to combine CS and JS files to reduce the number of requests. I see that we have 25 requests now oposed to 14 before the upgrade. Enabling this option should reduce it hopefully. There is also options to automatically minify CS and JS files, a task that I had to perform manually with the old DNN version.


              Growing Member

                Not bad. After enabling composite files and minification of CSS and JS files (and increasing the version counter), it is back to an AB rating on GTMetrix. The 25 requests are now down to 17. That was easy. :) More to follow.

                Growing Member

                  After offloading stuff like the company logo (logo.ascx), the flags from our Catalook language switcher and some more images to the CDN it is back to AA rating. The scripts are still loaded from the site directly, I will have a look at those later.

                  New Around Here

                    Cool, thanks for the replies!

                    Yeah, CRM is enabled on all of my results.
                    Speaking of which: there's a bug that adds the cdv=### suffix to CDNs as well rendering them completly useless. I'm still having that issue on my live site (upgraded numerous times from 7.4.2 to 9.4.2) but not on a fresh installation.

                    Alois Krichmayr
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