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Change Login on theme

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    Hi, we have a site that we have recently noticed that is it vulnerable to clickjacking. To fix this we we're looking at denying xframes from working on the site but when we implement this the login box doesn't work as this is in a model I beleive using an iframe. We were thinking of changing the login to be inline instead of in a model does anyone know how to do this please?


    Thank you


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      Settings - Site settings - Site behavior - More  - Turn off Enable popups  

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        You can create a Login Page and place the login control that comes within DNN; also make sure that you specify the login page at "Site Settings -> Site Behavior -> Default Pages"

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          Posted By Tycho de Waard (SU) on 5/5/2023 6:41 AM

          Settings - Site settings - Site behavior - More  - Turn off Enable popups  

          I'd have to echo Tycho's suggestion.  This is not only for this specific use case, but the pop-ups in general don't seem to add any value for any of our clients.  It's simply in the way all of the time.  Most end-users are quite annoyed by that UX.  


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            You can also set the X-Frame-Options to SAMEORIGIN, this would allow IFrames with sources on your site - and you can still popup modals.

            Anyway, controlling the frame access in a CSP makes more sense, as you have more options. See CSP: frame-ancestors - HTTP | MDN (mozilla.org) for details.

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