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DNN 9 Skin Problem / PersonaBar

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    After working mostly on the technical problems, upgrading our old site from 4.x to 9.x, I am now facing some problems with the skin and the PersonaBar.

    Initially the PersonaBar did not open up the popup with modules until I changed the application pool from classic to integrated.

    Now the popup opens and I can select a module, but the drag&drop part does not work. Instead the module is directly added somewhere on the page, inside of a container that has no action menus, to move the module, it's settings and so on.

    Before we had the old SolPartMenu stuff and I removed that from the ASCX files (including containers). The content panes are located in tables (td). I know that's horrible so I would like to replace them with divs.

    I tried to create a new site, using the default or nvQuickTheme and then drag & drop worked.

    Can our old skin be made compatible with that somehow? Or would it make more sense to build a new one? What specifically would have to be added to an ASCX file?

    The technical update part took already a lot of time and I faced a lot of show stoppers. I am afraid that the skin redesign will take another 1 or 2 weeks.


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      I resolved a part of the problem. The invisible action buttons were a result of some modules added with the container set to none, causing it to use the container SiteName.ASCX. This container still had references to ACTIONBUTTON1 and ACTIONBUTTON2. After removing those, the containers now have the proper action buttons.

      Still fighting for getting back the ability to add modules, which is unforuntately a requirement. :)

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        Am somewhat stuck now. If I am on 9.1.1 I cannot add modules add all. After clicking the "Add Module" button I get a "contentpane is null" error in AddModule.js if I enable debugging in the browser. Obviously it has problems finding our content panes with the td tags somehow.

        If I upgrade to 9.3.2 this will be working again, but then I loose MLAdvAnnouncements.

        Eventually I can now upgrade and then replace MLAdvAnnouncements and even though drag&drop does not work, I could eventually move the module to the proper pane using the ActionButtons.

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          After upgrading to 9.4.1 again, I can for example add a HTML module, which then gets placed somewhere on the bottom of the page. However, this module then has an edit button only. It does not have the "Move Module" command to move it into another pane. I cannot even save the content. After clicking on the save button the changed content just disappears. :(

          Dragging & dropping existing modules into other panes works though.

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            After updating the ASCX skin file and moving all panes from td's into divs, drag&drop finally works!! Great!!! Amazing!!

            Now I got to get rid of the tables inside of tables inside of tables......in a follow up project to replace the old skin to make it responsive.

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