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Loading SCSS into DotNetNuke

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Growing Member

    For New Year, I am trying to have Fireworks Overlay one of my pages.


    I can create a .js file and load fine with HEAD of HTML module

    I can create a .css file and load fine with HEAD of HTML module.

    However, when I change the extension from .css to .scss, it does not load.

    With the .scss file, I get this error: 

    Not Found

    The requested document was not found on this server.




    Is this a server issue? A DNN issue?  Am I even able to use .SCSS with DotNetNuke?  Sorry .scss is very new to me...

    Veteran Member

      SCSS neeeds to be parsed to CSS, normally you do that on your development machine and then you upload the CSS to your site.
      DNN does not have any SCSSS parsing built in.

      Growing Member

        Thanks -

        Hmm, I used CodePen to get the compiled CSS but it doesn't work as expected with the overlays....

        Is there a way to add an SCSS compiler to DNN? To a server?  Is there a way to use source code like in the codepen https://codepen.io/Miller...e/pen/NevqWJ on a DNN site?

        Veteran Member

          That's all possible, but not simple at all.
          You would have to install node.js on your server, not sure if you want to go that route as it's not needed at all.

          The better option is to copy the compiled CSS from Codepen (it's an option) and use that.

          Growing Member

            Thanks.... unfortunately I gave up on this one :(
            The SCSS does seem to be necessary for the overlay to work correctly.

            The compiled CSS just doesn't give the same result, and it's missing a few parameters that I believe the scripting relies on...


            Veteran Member

              Sorry but that sounds very unlikely, I think you are missing something.

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