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RFC Issue Create for CSS Class Structure Naming Convention

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    A request for comments or RFC issue was created.  The purpose is to allow the community to discuss future CSS Class naming convention architecture.   Currently being discussed is fully implementing a new standard for CSS Class names that follows todays best practices and industry standards. 

    • Adding a second set of classes going into version 10 that can be used during this versions lifespan. 
    • Then fade out the old so the skin css Classes so things are not so bloated in version 11 giving time for developers to make any changes as needed to be future proof.
    • Fully document how and why CSS classes are expected to be created for module skins and site skins in www.dnndocs.com.

    I am hoping to also discuss ways to make all skins mobile friendly.  Like putting the labels inside the txt boxes to save screen room, yet also harness the size of much much larger screens and resolutions.  This is a step in that direction.

    Github Issue #3278

    I will also reference this post in the issue so we can see anythoughts from those who are not current GitHub users but use the DNN community forums.

    Please feel free to comment here or there we can quote back and forth input until we can all agree :)

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