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How To Download and Install DNN

So, you want to install DNN? Awesome! Let's get started...

Install on your laptop / desktop

You can have your very own DNN running on your laptop in minutes. Well, the first time it takes a bit longer because you need to setup some things...But this can be done without technical knowlegde. So, whether you are a developer that wants to create environments in minutes or a tech savvy marketeer, your place to go: https://www.nvquicksite.com/

Install on a server

This is a quick start resource on how to download and install DNN

Download DNN

Setting Up DNN

Set Up the DNN Folder

Set Up IIS

Set Up SQL

Run Installation Wizard

  • Technical requirements
  • Links to the latest builds
  • Links to video tutorials
  • etc.

Would you like to help us?

Awesome! Simply post in the forums using the link below and we'll get you started.

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