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July 2020 - Mitch Sellers + 2-Factor Authentication

Mitch Sellers presents to us a new module for simple setup of Two-Factor Authentication for DNN.

With security a huge concern in modern time for all users, Mitch Sellers and Iowa Computer Gurus introduce a new Simple 2 Factor Authentication Provider for DNN. This authentication provider works to replace the standard DNN Login process and introduces 2-Factor Verification to secure login.

DNN Global 2020 Another Way to Connect

Here we are (I'm lower-left) gathering to take the DNN Summit group picture. When can we get together again? I’m pleased to see a new effort underway (as I am with any effort, frankly) to bring people together to present, share and discuss our favorite website building platform, DNN. 

G2: DNN is high performer

The CMS 2020 report of G2 is out! And DNN Platform is ranking as a high performer!

Last couple of months I have been bugging y'all to vote for DNN on the G2 website. I explained G2 how the versions are different and they went along with that. And now...it paid off!  

Hotcakes Commerce 03.03.00 Release Marks a Major Milestone

If you've been watching the journey of Hotcakes Commerce over the years at all, you know that it has a very interesting past.  It began as a different platform altogether. It became a wildly successful commercial e-commerce solution that consistently was in the top 3 products in the DNN Store.  It then became an open-source e-commerce platform, making it freely available to the world.  This is the solution you're reading about and know about today.  

Upgrading DNN and Persona Bar DLL Fun

Recently I was upgrading a DNN site that was on version 7.4.2. My target was the latest release, which at the time of this writing is version 9.6.1. I have successfully upgraded many DNN sites in the pasts, but this upgrade was through a few different major and minor versions and involved some in-depth investigation. I wanted to document my learnings to share them with the DNN Community in the case that they may be helpful to someone in the future.

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