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0 Replies and 733 Views Documentation      733  0 Started by  Will Strohl Please feel free to use any of the forums here to ask your questions.  Also, if you&39;re interested, here&39;s a direct link to our documentation. https://dnndocs.com/
0 733
12 Jun 2019 10:49 PM
0 Replies and 1 Views Copying Database Tables from one DNN to Another  1  0 Started by  markjoeylavapie Hello, I&39;m new to DNN and I&39;ve been tasked to migrate a content from the a DNN website to another. Mostly just are copy and paste of content, but everything became painful when I had to migrate a thousand of articles from a module/extension.  I also have the same the extension installed on the new website, so I contacted the support team of the module author with a hope that they can help me out. And this is what they said to me.  "You will need DigArticle insta...
0 1
07 Aug 2020 01:50 PM
4 Replies and 59 Views Multiple controls with the same ID  59  4 Started by  Realming_Grape Hi. I am New to DNN. We have been trying to resolve an error on our site. ive spend many hours trying to find a solution yet unable to. recently the website was jeopardized so we had to migrate the website. since then, we are receiving error Multiple controls with the same ID &39;661_HtmlModule&39; were found. FindControl requires that controls have unique IDs. InnerStackTrace: at System.Web.UI.Control.FillNamedControlsTable(Control namingContainer, ControlCollection controls)...
4 59
by  Timo BreumelhofJump to last post
07 Aug 2020 12:17 PM
2 Replies and 54 Views message app  54  2 Started by  Diaan We have a charity DNN site with chatrooms is it possible for the chatrooms to function more like a stand alone app like messenger does for Facebook Really sorry I am seriously not tech savvy (husband does the site) but we seem to be unable to find anything that is safe for adults and minors to use and many want to move away from FB Many thanks for your time to read and hope somebody will be able to help wishing you all a great day Diana
2 54
by  Tycho de Waard (SU)Jump to last post
05 Aug 2020 05:51 AM
2 Replies and 95 Views Getting build error on sample MVC DAL module.  95  2 Started by  Kiran Jadhav Hi, I am new to DNN Community. I am trying to create a sample MVC DAL module, but getting build error.  I am refering this demo, https://www.youtube.com/watchv=gUZNPU7-vIc&t=355s  (Note: Getting error at 04:37 min, as per this video) I have installed DNN 9 template from below link for Visual Studio 2015.  https://github.com/ChrisHammond/DNN.../v08.00.00 I am trying to create the module at "C:\website\dnndev.me\DesktopModules\MVC" location, my DNN websit...
2 95
by  Kiran JadhavJump to last post
03 Aug 2020 08:01 AM
2 Replies and 67 Views Change Username Label in login screen  67  2 Started by  Varun I want to change Username label to Username/Email on my login screen. I tried to change few settings in some .resx files and nothing seem to work. We are using DNN 9.2.2. Please let me know how to achieve this. Thank You.
2 67
by  VarunJump to last post
27 Jul 2020 04:28 PM
1 Replies and 136 Views Does the DNN Sales Dept exist?  136  1 Started by  John Smith My team has downloaded the demo version of DNN and we like the product.  My company is ready to make a purchase.  I&39;ve used the website contact form several times and emailed "salesdnnsoftware.com" with zero response.  The Facebook and Twitter feeds are stale.  Does anyone have a phone number or email to someone in Sales that I could talk to I shouldn&39;t have to beg a company to purchase their product.  
1 136
by  Tycho de Waard (SU)Jump to last post
16 Jul 2020 10:36 AM
2 Replies and 361 Views Browser Freezes When Accessing Menu Items  361  2 Started by  Junaid Some users click a menu item on the Portal and the browser freezes, the cursor switches to a finger point icon and they cannot navigate to anywhere on the page. They need to close the browser to exit the page. I tried it and it happened to me too. How can I resolve this
2 361
by  Timo BreumelhofJump to last post
29 Jun 2020 04:07 AM
9 Replies and 1119 Views ckEditor  1119  9 Started by  Bob M So i see that the latest version of ckEditor is version 5 and the version on my dnn install is 4.5.3 Can i upgrade to this editor or is this something that dnn handles only in their module I am only into dnn for 1 week.
9 1119
by  Tom MelkonianJump to last post
23 Jun 2020 01:33 PM
9 Replies and 836 Views SVG in <img>  836  9 Started by  JinHow Hello, When adding an SVG to an , publishing the page, returning to edit the page, and opening the HTML editor of CKEditor the is no longer there. The image does show when looking at the page after initially adding it. Is it not supported to use SVGs in this manner I am able to use them in. Is there any way to get this to work in the Thanks, J.
9 836
by  V CJump to last post
17 Jun 2020 11:12 PM
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