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0 Replies and 3217 Views Developer Documentation     3217 0 Started by Will Strohl If you&39;re coming here for the first time and have never built an extension in DNN before, then... Welcome! We have an entire section of documentation dedicated to you. Enjoy! https://docs.dnncommunity.org/conte...index.html
0 3217
6/12/2019 9:41 PM
3 Replies and 480 Views DNN Repo Broken For Anyone Else?     480 3 Started by Will Strohl Hello Everyone:  I have no idea why this is happening, but I&39;m guessing it&39;s an environmental issue.   I had just wanted to open the DNN project to do some research on a feature.  I was about 90 commits behind and attempted to do a pull like you would in this case.  It resulted in a fatal timeout error message.   I tried troubleshooting that for a while, but ended up deciding it would be faster just to delete it all and close it again.  Bo...
3 480
by Will StrohlJump to last post
8/10/2023 4:59 PM
2 Replies and 1289 Views Angular routing in DNN 9     1289 2 Started by AddisonS We currently have an Angular 12 module which we install using a DNN module in our DNNwebsite. We would like to use Angular&39;s  routing to navigate between different components in the module. However, we currently are unable to navigate to a component by pasting the path assigned to the component in the browser. If we run the Angular module outside of the DNN module if we paste the url matching a given component in the browser then user is taken to the corresponding component. However, if...
2 1289
by Will StrohlJump to last post
1/3/2023 11:18 AM
3 Replies and 2815 Views How to do a 'react' build?     2815 3 Started by Peter Schotman - 40Fingers I want to debug an issue in the client side react code , How do I do a build so that my changes are transferred to my dev website That is without doing ".\Build.ps1 -Target ResetDevSite" Must be something simpler...
3 2815
by Will StrohlJump to last post
12/30/2022 9:35 PM
5 Replies and 1314 Views Regard Running DNN source code     1314 5 Started by Ashwin R hello all, while releasing the source code in visual studio I am getting this error - "yarn" exited with code 1. Please help, so that we can resolve it ASAP as it belongs to security thing in website. Thanks,
5 1314
by Will StrohlJump to last post
11/18/2022 2:14 PM
1 Replies and 751 Views Problem on building source     751 1 Started by uzman hello everybody I want to apply some changes to dnn source on admin "Dnn.AdminExperience\ClientSide" folder, but the folder has not load in visual studio. That&39;s why I applied the changes manually. When I build in Visual Studio and copy the created DLL files to the portal, none of the changes I made are applied! What is the problem
1 751
by Will StrohlJump to last post
11/7/2022 12:30 PM
3 Replies and 984 Views Display Module on all pages     984 3 Started by John A Hello, I think I might have a problem as soon as my web site launches.  I have a html module which I added to header portion of skin, and chose option to display on all pages.  This module contains html and will be seen by crawlers.  What I do not want is crawlers to index the content on any other page other than home page.  You see, it has company name, phone number, etc within the content. I have over several hundred pages with module in header on those pages. What are m...
3 984
by Will StrohlJump to last post
10/25/2022 10:06 AM
4 Replies and 1728 Views Dnn Website related Issue     1728 4 Started by kalpana Hi, I am facing this dll issue while trying to execute my dnn website in order to perform some sample webservice. This mentioned dll(DotNetNuke.HttpModules) is there in dnn website bin folder as well as in Visual studio bin folder. And iI removed vertual directories from IIS webserver and tried still the issue is persisting.  I am getting this issue in Dnn 9.10 version Could anyone please help me with this issue. Your early response would be helpfull. Thankyou so much in advance. ...
4 1728
by kalpanaJump to last post
7/24/2022 4:46 AM
1 Replies and 1091 Views API     1091 1 Started by Ricky Y Hi I am new on DNN. I have a api called. https://www.abc.com/getdata/1 and Inside of desktopmodule I have a simple ascx written asp.net and I want to create jquery ajax to call the API - https://www.abc.com/getdata/1 What do I need to do making it works in a simple DNN module Below is the js codes that I currently use for another HTML project. I hope I can copy over to DNN module <script type="text/javascript">     function GetProductList() {   &nb...
1 1091
by Ricky YJump to last post
2/17/2022 10:08 AM
0 Replies and 1153 Views Social Groups PhotoURL     1153 0 Started by Jan Durian Hello, I&39;m using the Social Groups module on my DNN website. Now, I&39;m running my DNN website on a non-standard SSL port, which causes the logo of each group (the "groupitem:PhotoURL" token) to load incorrectly, without a port in the URL. The "img" tag in question is located in the "SocialGroups" module, List.ascx, line 23 (<img src="&91;groupitem:PhotoURL&93;" alt="&91;groupitem:GroupName&93;" />). Where is the "group...
0 1153
1/17/2022 5:32 AM
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