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Portal Skin shows in the Persona Bar

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    On this site and other DNN 9.3.2 sites I see the Portal Skin in the Persona Bar.
    (example: Manage > users > Profile Settings)
    For some reason DNN does not use the popUpSkin located here: /Portals/_default/Skins/_default/popUpSkin.ascx
    I tried adding a popUpSkin to my skin, but that doesn't make any difference.
    Do others see this too in 9.3.2?

    BTW, this is not only a "visual issue", in my case some of the elements of the PB were influenced by the skin's JS and that rendered parts of the PB useless.
    I managed to fix this by cahnging the skin's JS, but DNN should just load the correct skin IMO.




    As a reference for others, the actual issue I had with the skin was that when clicking on of the arrows to expand (contact for instance) I got this error:

    HTTP Error 403.14 - ForbiddenThe Web server is configured to not list the contents of this directory.
    Detailed Error Information:
    Module       DirectoryListingModule
    Notification       ExecuteRequestHandler
    Handler       StaticFile
    Error Code       0x00000000
    Requested URL       http://dnn9dev.local:80/D...ules/Admin/Security/
    Physical Path       D:\Websites\DNN9Dev.local\Files\DesktopModules\Admin\Security\
    Logon Method       Anonymous
    Logon User       Anonymous

    The reason for this was a Javascript in the page skin that adds an event to "anchor" links in the page (smooth scrolling).
    As the expand icon has the same type of url, it blocked the actual persona bar event.

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      I have seen this as well but not sure what caused it.
      At one point I thought it was because I was inactive for a while and instead of showing content in the persona bar I got a login. As that is not really strange I logged in and the site was inside that frame. I called it the Matroesjka feature :-)
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        I had this issue with popups disabled and ssl offloading and missing the ssl offloading header. Not sure which caused it, but one of those in my case :)

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