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Can't find DNN database with SQL Server Management Studio

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New Around Here

    I am a total newbie with DNN. I installed DNN 9.6.1 on my local Windows PC 3 days ago and have only had one major issue. Every morning I attempt to login to my DNN site using the user name "host" and I'm told the password is incorrect. I am certain the password is correct and I have made no changes to the host account or password. So (1): Why is the host password being reset every night?

    I researched how to add a new superuser by registering a new user and then changing the superuser flag in the SQLExpress database. But when I attempt to access the database using SQL Management Studio I can't find a DNN database. In the Databases folder I have "System Databases" and "Database Snapshots".   In "Databases>System Databases>" I have "Master",  "model", "msdb" and "tempdb". None of those DB's contain the DNN tables. So (2) How can I access the DNN database using SQL Management Studio?

    My web.config file has the following connection string:

    <!-- Connection String for SQL Server 2008/2012 Express -->
     name="SiteSqlServer" connectionString="Data Source=.\SQLExpress;AttachDbFilename=|DataDirectory|Database.mdf;Integrated Security=True;User Instance=True" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />

    Veteran Member

      Password shouldn't be reset automatically, that sounds weird.
      You are using a non-attached database file, residing in /app_data subfolder of your website.
      If you open this file in Management Studio (SSMS), it will get attached to the SQL server and cannot be accessed by DNN using the connection string above. You will either need to "detach" the database in SSMS afterwards or need to specify server name, database name, create a user and provide credentials in your connection string.
      To Update your password, you need to follow these instructions: https://www.betterhostrev...n-host-password.html

      Veteran Member

        As you are new to DNN, I'd like to point out that nvQuickSite is a very good tool for installing DNN and creating websites in a standard way. It also creates the database as a SQL Server database.

        Oh, the better way to create a new superuser is to create a user using the Users PB page, and then make that user a superuser via the UI.

        Recommendateio: until you have some familiarity with DNN, stay away from database modifications using SQL Server. You create less pain that way.
        Joe Craig
        DNN MVP
        Patapsco Research Group

        Veteran Member

          Joe, it is difficult to use UI, if you can't login.
          in this case, he needs to modify values in the database.
          However, it might be easier to start DNN installation from scratch using NVQuicksite.

          Veteran Member

            I guess that you have a database file that is not attached in your SQL Server. What you could do is:

            1. stop the Application Pool
            2. move the Database.mdf file (and maybe the and Database.ldf file as well when it is there) from your App_Data directory to your SQL Server data directory (or directories when you have data files and log files on different hard disks)
            3. attach the database in SQL Server Management Studio
            4. adjust the connection string
            5. Start the application pool

            Or start the installation from scratch - create a database before you start, assign the (dbowner) permissions to the app pool and select the database in the installation process (or use nvQuickSite).

            Happy DNNing!

            Michael Tobisch

            dnnWerk Austria
            DNN Connect

            Veteran Member

              I agree, In fact, it is nearly impossible to login if the site site was set up with the hashed password format.

              Is it's new, I would recommend restarting and using nvQuicksite to do the install.
              Joe Craig
              DNN MVP
              Patapsco Research Group
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