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1 Replies and 170 Views Need a print page plugin     170 1 Started by adham Hi,  I&39;m looking for a plugin to make my site pages have a small button " print " to let the visitor print whatever page  Can someone help me please  Thanks
1 170
by Michael TobischJump to last post
11/20/2023 5:44 AM
1 Replies and 182 Views Video Processing Continuously     182 1 Started by JSmith We&39;re using the Live Content Module to display a library of videos. Recently, every video we try to create a link to just shows it&39;s in a state of "Processing" continuously and never becomes available for our users to view. 
1 182
by Will StrohlJump to last post
11/15/2023 1:39 PM
2 Replies and 268 Views Issue In Sql Scripts Exceution     268 2 Started by Tarunjit Hi All, I have DNN 9.11.0 installed in my local. I have already deployed version “00.00.01” version on my DNN. All the sql scripts available in file “Providers > DataProviders > SqlDataProvider > 00.00.01.SqlDataProvider” have run successfully. Now I have done following changes Changes in “Properties > AssemblyInfo.cs” file               &91;assembly: AssemblyVersion("00.00.02.*")&93; ...
2 268
by Will StrohlJump to last post
11/2/2023 11:37 AM
1 Replies and 235 Views Not Able to Debug Web PI     235 1 Started by Tarunjit Hi All, I have deployed DNN 9.11.0 at my local. I have created web api in DotNet Nuke by inheriting controller from class DotNetNuke.Web.Api.DnnApiController. I am calling its action method using Ajax from custom module and things are working fine. When i try to debug action methods of web api, i am not able to debug, i.e. debug break points are not getting hit. I have done following things so far : Changed the out path of this Web API project to DotNet Nuke site bi...
1 235
by Will StrohlJump to last post
11/2/2023 11:29 AM
1 Replies and 229 Views Module Versioning     229 1 Started by Tarunjit Hi All, I have DNN 9.11.0 installed. Every time I have to do some changes in module I have to increase the versioning. Do I need to do these increment in versioning manually every time in AssemblyInfo.cs and in .DNN manifest file Is there some better way also Regards Tarunjit Singh
1 229
by Will StrohlJump to last post
10/30/2023 3:59 PM
2 Replies and 223 Views Not Able To Debug DNN Module     223 2 Started by Tarunjit Hi All, I have DNN 9.11.0 installed. I have deployed a module in DNN web site. Now I am trying to debug this module in VS 2019. Here are the steps I have followed so far : I have build the same VS 2019 project having Module in debug mode. I have verified the bin folder of DNN web site and noticed that both .Dll and .Pdb files have been refreshed in the bin folder. I have set a break point in code of VS 2019 I have attached w3wp.exe of the DNN site with VS 2019 When I refresh the...
2 223
by Will StrohlJump to last post
10/30/2023 3:52 PM
2 Replies and 306 Views Upgrading DNN Custom Modules     306 2 Started by Tarunjit Hi All, I have DNN 9.11.0 version configured at my local. I have installed a custom module created using VS 2019 few days before. I have done some changes in this code in VS 2019 again. I now want to upgrade this already installed module. Should I simply follow the procedure I followed previously to install a new module to DNN for upgrading module inDotNet Nuke OR Is there some other procedure to upgrade already installed module in DotNet Nuke Please note for this module in DNN it is ...
2 306
by Joe CraigJump to last post
10/26/2023 11:24 AM
2 Replies and 252 Views Information Required for Custom Modules Creation     252 2 Started by Tarunjit Hi All, I have DNN 9.11.0 installed up at my local. I want to create a custom module in which I need to implement all these 3 interfaces : IPortable ISearchable IUpgradeable In methods of these interfaces I am not sure what code I need to write so that desired result could be achieved. I believe there must be some standard code which needs to be written in respective methods of these interfaces. Can any one please share link/code snippet/video url explaining the code which n...
2 252
by Joe CraigJump to last post
10/26/2023 11:19 AM
5 Replies and 257 Views DNN 9 Module Creator missing     257 5 Started by nnguyen Hi Everyone!  Pretty new to the DNN world, I apologize if this has been addressed in a previous topic (I tried searching).  After installing DNN 9 I don&39;t appear to have the Module Creator extension that is shown at the link below and listed as available on the open source platform: https://www.dnnsoftware.com/docs/de...html  Was this removed prior to the launch of DNN 9 Is it possible to pull this extension from anywhere online or is there an alternative Module...
5 257
by Will StrohlJump to last post
10/20/2023 2:15 PM
4 Replies and 310 Views Module Development Using Visual studio 2019     310 4 Started by Tarunjit Hi All,   I am new to DotNet Nuke, just installed DNN version 9.11.0 couple of days back.   I am looking forward to create modules using Visual studio 2019, as I may have to create complex modules like fetching data from our custom local data base and other similar requirements.   For such kind of modules development can I simply add DNN site configured at my local IIS into my Visual Studio 2019 And start adding UserControls (.ascx) directly in to DesktopModules...
4 310
by Will StrohlJump to last post
10/19/2023 11:43 AM
You are not authorized to create a new topic
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