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Change Workflow to Content Staging for a Html/Text module

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    I'm not able to change the default workflow of Html/Text module to "Content Staging" if I select "Module" option for "Apply workflow to". No errors in the "Admin Logs" and the saving do nothing. I tried if I selecting "Page" option for "Apply workflow to" and that's saved correctly. Only "Page" option works for me. (I did't try "Site" option because this is not what I would like for my entire Website. I don't like the "Page" option when I have a page with a lot of Html/Text but for the moment I don't have choice.)

    Do you have this issue? And, if yes, do you have a solution?

    (This past winter, I successfully upgraded DNN Platform 8.0.4 to 9.2.2 and this is the first time with 9.2.2 that I have had to change these settings in a page. I had done it many times with 8.0.4.)

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      I just tried this in DNN Platform 9.2.2 and it worked as expected.  Here are the steps to enable and use workflow in DNN Platform's HTML/Text module.

      1. Ideally, already have security roles created for content editors and approvers with members added.
      2. Edit the module settings by going to the last tab, "HTML Module Settings."
      3. Choose "Content Staging" for the workflow setting.
      4. Choose how to apply this setting change, Module, Site, or Page.  (In my testing, I chose Site.)
      5. Save your changes.

      From there, I was able to verify that the settings saved.  I also verified that they were working by doing the following:

      1. Logged in as a content editor.
      2. Changed the contents in a HTML module.  Clicked the "Publish Changes" checkbox before saving.
      3. Logged out and verified that the "public" content was the original content. 
      4. Logged in as an approver.
      5. Reviewed the content and chose the Publish option in the actions menu.
      6. Logged out and verified that the approved content was now showing.

      I hope this helps.  :)

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        Hi Sylvain and Will,
        We have a DNN 9.3.2 site, and never used the Workflow-option (didn't know it existed).
        But: I have the same issue als Sylvain: i can change the setting on Page level, not on Module level.
        If I change the setting, choose module, tick the 'replace current settings' box, than Save: i return to the page. But if I then go to settings, I see that the setting isn't changed. If I chools Page instead of Module, the settings do change.

        As i said: i have never used this option before, so is there some setting elsewhere that I have to change?

        Did you ever find a solution?

        sincerely, Sytske van Hasselt, Amsterdam

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          You are referring to Evoq, correct? I believe that Will was referring to DNN Community. There could be differences.
          Joe Craig
          DNN MVP
          Patapsco Research Group

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            No, I am not referring to Evoq :-) also to DNN community or DNN Platform (the one that you can download here https://github.com/dnnsof....Platform/releases/)

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              I am happy to hear that I am not alone with the issue. @Sytske, I did't find a solution. :(

              @Will, with your steps, did you try with the "module" option?

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                Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I'm having similar problems trying to use content staging in DNN Platform 9.7.2

                If I change any HTML Module's Settings to Workflow: Content Staging and save, it just reverts to Direct Publish when I go back into the settings.  It doesn't matter whether I select Module, Page or Site or whether "Replace Existing Settings" is ticked,.

                It would be useful to have a Draft option for either pages or modules, but I have yet to see it!


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                  I am using dnn 9.11.0 community and also never used content staging. I have the same issue when I try and select:
                  workflow > content staging and press save, I get no errors but when I go back and check the setting it is still showing direct publish.
                  I have created a role editor and user assigned to this role.
                  I have tried this on module, page and site and none of them work.
                  Does anyone have ideas on how to resolve this?


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                    Aha!  I just figured out what you're running into.  I was creating a video to show you how I get it to work, but the Module option appears to be ignored and the settings not retained for the workflow switch.  The other options appear to work as expected. 

                    I was going to suggest this get logged as a bug, but it's already reported and triaged.  


                    New Around Here

                      Hi Will,
                      Thank you for confirming this, at least I am not going mad!! Do you know if this issue is resolved in the next release? Do you have any idea when the next release is likely to be available?

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