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9.11.0 causing .js issues

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    I downloaded 9.11.0 and noticed that non of my modules are working any longer. Upon further investigation I noticed that in 
    versions 9.10 jequry.js script tag used to be in header and mymodules.js script tag used to be in body right before mygopage.js tag another. So everything was working correctly. 
    But for some reason in 9.11.0 mymodule.js script tag is showing up under header. This is causing errors with mygoPage.js as it needs to be before mymodule.js. 
    It looks like something was changed in Default.aspx page     

    <asp:PlaceHolder runat="server" ID="ClientDependencyHeadJs"></asp:PlaceHolder>
    I could not find this change information in release notes. Also can you help how can I solve this problem? I don't want to manually add script tags to hack the system. I want to solve this proper way. 

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      This doesn't really sound like we have enough information to help you yet.  I'd recommend following the guidance in the upgrade documentation.  

      Official DNN Upgrade Documentation

      However, not all upgrades are straightforward.  As an agency, we've developed a process that helps us breeze through all but the most complicated DNN upgrades.  You'll find the results of that and how we do things in the resources below.  

      I hope this helps!  

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        Oh, one more thing... 

        You definitely need to restore the website and start the upgrade over again, but also be sure to unblock the upgrade package (zip file) you downloaded before starting again.  

        New Around Here

          Okay I will try to explain. Here is what is happening:
          <Body>myGoPage.js, myModule.js</Body>
          Both myGoPage and myModule uses jQuery so the fact that jQuery gets loaded first, everything works correctly.

          <Head>jquery.js, myModule.js</Head>
          For some reason in this version myModule.js is being loaded in head. But we need it to be loaded after goPage.js. We did not change anything in our code, but somehow this problem occurred in this version. This is causing issues with our structure of the site. Reference for myGoPage is in Default.ascx. I don't know what might have caused this issue?

          Thanks for your help.

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            It sounds like you might be including jQuery manually, which will have various unintended results.  You should instead use the DNN API to include jQuery safely.  I'd recommend using this approach for any JS that's included with DNN.  Others would benefit from this too, as Engage's JS repo illustrates, but the other JS libraries are not as important.  

            Once you're using the API to include jQuery, testing and troubleshooting will be a lot more consistent, and your solution will likely be a big different.  Otherwise, you're going to be applying workaround after workaround, as versions and methods are updated over the years.  :( 

            New Around Here

              ok thanks for your help.
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