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MinimalExtropy Container error when upgrading to 9.4.4

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    When upgrading from DNN v9.1.1 to v9.4.4 I get a MinimalExtropy Container error. The Upgrade wizard then refuses to go any further. I then restored the website, looked into MinimalExtropy and saw it was v1.0 so I upgraded it to v1.0.5 (from the "avaialbe extensions/modules" tab in the Persona Bar. I was hoping this would solve it. It did not. I got exactly the same error at the same point in the upgrade. I note as well that in the log for the upgrade I did to get from DNN v8 to v9.1.1 I got the same error for this skin/container (see those errors from the DNN v8 -> v9.1.1 upgrade below) however that upgrade continued to its successful conclusion. Any advice on how to address this?

    00:00:19.039 -   Installing Package File Telerik_09.01.01_Install:  Success
    00:00:20.854 -   Installing Package File DNN-MinimalExtropyContainer_01.00.05_Install:  Error!
    00:00:21.019 -   Installing Package File Skin_Xcillion_01.00.00_Install:  Success
    00:00:21.711 -   Installing Package File DNN-MinimalExtropySkin_01.00.07_Install:  Error!
    00:00:22.288 -   Installing Package File Dnn.PersonaBar.AdminLogs_01.04.00_Install:  Success

    Veteran Member

      Look in the InstallerLog file in /portals/default/logs.

      IF you are not using the old and obsolete Minimal Extropy Skin, I think that you can safely ignore these errors.

      I suspect that the install files were left around from an older era, and never installed. You can probably look in the Install directory and delete the zip files and never see this again.
      Joe Craig
      DNN MVP
      Patapsco Research Group

      New Around Here

        Excellent Joe. That was it. Upgrade worked once I deleted the Minimal Extropy install zip files in the container and skin Install directories. Much appreciated.

        Veteran Member

          Just for the heck of it, I'd uninstall Minimal Extropy and any other old, obsolete and unused skins. Dark Knight comes to mind.
          Joe Craig
          DNN MVP
          Patapsco Research Group

          Growing Member

            Hello, how can I remove Minimal Extropy Skin ? In Extensions - Themes - I can't see the delete button (trash). Is there any way to do it manually, just delete the folders from Containers and Skins ?

            Veteran Member

              Posted By Michal on 8/30/2023 10:41 AM

              Hello, how can I remove Minimal Extropy Skin ? In Extensions - Themes - I can't see the delete button (trash). Is there any way to do it manually, just delete the folders from Containers and Skins ?

              You can, but this could lead to some instability or other effects. Minimal Extropy was released with DNN 5 afair.

              Please check if you can find a record in the table Packages where the name is something like "Minimal Extropy" - there should be two records, one for the skin and one for the container. When the field IsSystemPackage is set to 1 set it to 0 and restart the application pool. You should then see the trash bin symbol and be able to remove the skin.

              Happy DNNing!





              Michael Tobisch

              dnnWerk Austria
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